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    With the end coming...

    Couple quick things... Since the end is confirmed why are you still going so hard core banning people?

    Making it real hard to keep people active when you keep banning my/our friends.

    Thoughts on revoking all bans for the end? That would make sense, since you insist on not doing any merges. Honestly, there's 0% chance that enough people magically re-sub to put strain back on servers.

    It would be kind of amazing to see how many would come back if all their characters were able. WAY more than you think would even consider playing again after quitting by choice.

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    SE about 2-3 years ago announced that they were lifting the bans off of previously banned players, I NEVER seen it happen, also, if your char has been banned for longer than its either 1 year or 2 years (I forget what they told me over the phone) the information is deleted off the server (NOT just items THE ACTUAL CHARACTER) with NO chance at being brought back. I am assuming that because this was the case, they were not able to implement bringing back banned characters, and before it's said, they probably wouldn't start bringing back banned chars for that specific reason, and would also not lift the deletion after 1-3 year thing either.