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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulth View Post
    Pretty sure the reason you can't summon pets in town is a latency issue not a legacy one. Ru'lude Gardens is already laggy with all the people bazaaring there, could you imagine what it would be like if they all had big glowing avatars too?

    As for movement speed, Harald Gaiters should be easier to get soon which should help with movement speed.
    Not to mention BST pets and Wyverns, and most likely Adventuring Fellows, since they all follow the same rules. Letting everyone call their pets in all areas is a nightmare for latency, and there is a reason that many games with pets do not allow this.

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    So, you want to be able to cast Garuda and use Fleet Wind in a city, so you can run faster? Fair request, but think about it. You would have to spend the time casting Garuda and using the BP, so that's 5-6 secs of standing still, while someone without native movement speed is already running to the HP, Biv, or NPC. By the time you do all that, you haven't really gained much, if anything. Eventually you will pull ahead of the other players, but, afaik, BP Wards do not land on the avatar itself, so you will also be fair ahead of your pet. So you either need to stop and wait for it to catch up to reuse the BP, or you Release, Recast, and Reuse.

    So is it really worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snprphnx View Post
    BP Wards do not land on the avatar itself?
    Actually, they do also land on the avatar's themselves. It's Avatar's Favor that doesn't affect them.
    Apart from that, not sure when SE implemented this, but avatars (all pets?) have gotten an significant movement speed buff because Carbuncle has no problem keeping up with me when I'm running with Fleet Wind up and Herald's gaiters equiped, which is +32% movement speed.

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