Platform: Windows


Time: 3/12/2015 - ~1:00 PM EST

Frequency: Sometimes.

Character Name: Mavrick

Race: Hume

World: Bismarck

Job: BST99/DNC49

Solo with Trust allies x3.

Monster Name: Occurs with any monster/area.

1. Use Call Beast to call any Beastmaster Pet. (Ex. Using Meaty Broth to call Tiger).
2. Activate the job ability Run Wild.
3. When Run Wild recast is down to ~10:07, Quickly use Leave > Call Beast to call a new pet.

At this point, your old pet with leave, and a new pet will spawn. However, this new pet's Name and HP bar will not show up on screen, nor will Pet commands work on it. It simply follows you around. Call Beast timer is used up, but if you wait until it become available again or you use the job ability Beast Loyalty you can summon a new pet. This New pet works as normal and follows commands, but the old pet (bugged pet) still hangs around and follows you everywhere you go until you log off.