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    Adjustments to some old spells

    It's great we're starting to see adjustments to old spells like Etudes, Poison and Blind which have long since been forgotten as battle tactics for jobs that can cast them.
    Elemental magic has seen extreme reductions to both MP cost, Damage, cast time, and recast speed. That being said, Banish spells and especially Holy spells are, by comparison, extraordinarily expensive for the damage they deal.

    Why can't Banish spells be on par with their elemental counterparts? Or at least lower their cast and recast speeds so they're not completely worthless except for the 2% of the time you're fighting which case hardly anyone remembers to cast them.

    Secondly, Holy spells are the worst culprits. Holy is 100 MP and Holy II is 150MP. White Mages hardly remember to cast it even though they pretty much are in Afflatus: Solace all the time. Reason being, it's nearly 8-10% of their max MP pool for a pittance worth of damage unless they have a magic attack bonus set(which WHM doesn't get much of, let alone PLD). Speaking of PLD Holy II actually does a decent chunk of damage...usually 2-3k with Divine Emblem. Problem with this is, Divine Emblem is a 10minute ability, leaving Holy II a spell to only be used once every 10min? Even at that, most mobs HNMs and fights have a high resistance to magic that requires a lot of magic accuracy which PLD doesn't have. So even with Divine Emblem, if I use it with Holy II on a Delve boss or an Ark Angel, it will be lucky to break 500 damage.

    Here's my list of spell candidates for future revision:

    Banish->Damage increase/MP Cost Reduction/Cast Speed Reduction
    Holy->Damage Increase
    Enspell II->Uses Enhancing skill at time of cast/Damage is dealt on additional hits
    Blink->Scales with Enhancing Skill, 3-4 shadows with 500 skill(BLU gets 10,NIN gets 6)
    Adoloquium->Double Potency under Tabula Rasa
    Requium->Delivers step-wise, increasing DoT every tick until it wears off. i.e 10->12->14->16

    Also here's my candidate list for new spells with gifts:

    WHM: Barspellra II's, Banish IV
    RDM: Barspell II's, Cure V, Might(+Att), Faith(+MAB), Saber(Temper II)
    SCH: TierVI Nukes, Adolquium II, Cure V
    DRK: Stun II
    PLD: Flash II
    RUN: Temper, Foil II
    GEO: -ara III's.
    BLM: Elemental Debuffs II: Shock II/Rasp II/Frost II, etc
    BRD: Wyrmfoe Mambo, Saber Madrigal, Sniper's Prelude, Champion March, Massacre Elegy, Cactuar Mazurka
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