I often wish I could /locktune and carry it with me to other areas.

It would be good if /locktune would cancel the Battle-Music and Fish-Music, both of which are OK, but I would seriously rather have the tune from Chocobo-riding, Oldton Movalpolos, North Gustaberg etc. playing instead of Battle Music or other less desirable music.

So a suggestion / fun concept / object of ridicule ;

Moogle-powered portable device contraption (a Kupotunes "iMog" !) that can record one track that is currently playing, and /locktune that track.

Locked tunes play back on a constant loop and cancel the area tune and battle music/ fish music, but do not cancel sound effects. Only one track can be recorded per Earth hour. Track can be cancelled with "/locktune off", which will restore the default area/battle music etc. The track will be your permanent soundtrack until you cancel it, or lock a different tune. Zoning, dcing or logging out will not cancel your locked tune.

Imogs do not function indoors, they are portable field devices, and so Orchestrion will still be the megaboss for multi-track indoor music.

I would lock Oldton Movalpolos and probably leave it locked for years, it is totally disco and reminds me of fishing in that zone a decade ago lol. Or I might lock choco-riding music to relax. Anything is more enjoyable to me than the battle music, which has grown slightly "stale" after ten years.

I totally don't think this will ever happen, I'm just posting it as a fun idea which would make the game more enjoyable. Would you like this Imog player? What tune would you lock most often?