• New Unity wanted objectives will be added to the following areas.
    Labyrinth of Onzozo
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    Garlaige Citadel
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    Ifrit's Cauldron
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    The Boyahda Tree
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    Kuftal's Tunnel
    Specter Worm
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    Den of Rancor
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    Orientalis Shadow / Borealis Shadow /
    Australis Shadow / Occidentalis Shadow
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    *Four notorious monsters will be added to the same objective in Fei'Yin, and each must be defeated for successful completion.
    A variety of equipment is available as rewards for vanquishing these NMs.
  • Adventurers in parties of between three and five characters may now call forth alter egos in Wanted battles.
    * A party of at least three players is required to battle notorious monsters.
  • A new option to spend Unity accolades to travel to an area for which the player has accepted a Wanted objective will be added.
    Selecting the option “Currently accepted area” will display areas for which the player has accepted a Wanted objective.
    *Areas from expansions that have not yet been installed will not be displayed.
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the dev1260 tag.