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    Dark "Knight"

    The recent batch of "updates" from SE was very disappointing. Our gifts are lackluster, and while other jobs gain things that are useful in small doses (WHM mdb+11 etc.) We get . . .

    CRITICAL DAMAGE +2%???? (How about Magic Attack Bonus I.... I would have taken Def. Bonus I)
    Other forgettable things.

    Endark II still does not allow additional effects from weapons to activate.

    Why does this job still have rank E parrying but some of its highest job level traits are Tactical Parry? We need updates to our combat skills by raising parrying, shield, and our one handed options being stuck at B- is very limiting.

    Our HP level as a heavy, front-line, plate mail DD is abysmal.
    Delete the HP boost from Drain II. Give us more native HP.

    Where are gifts to boost our native drain/aspir potency?
    Where are new tiers of Drain/Aspir?
    Can you adjust the cast times of drain/aspir to .5s?
    Can you please remove the 50%-100% damage variance on Drain/Aspir?
    Can Last resort work at a reduced potency in regards to attack speed with one handed weapons?
    Dreadspikes is pretty bad, can you at least remove the nerf to it in Ballista which is highly unnecessary?

    Occult Acumen is pretty worthless because we have no high cost magic to take effect of it.
    Despite having B+ elemental magic and very high base INT, DRK now has Tier III nukes while RDM has V.

    Can you at least raise our enfeebling magic to B+?
    Shield to B+ (you put us on a lot of shields...)
    Sword/Axe to B+
    Marksmanship to B+
    Delete Dagger, and Club from the Job.

    Where is Stun II? Plague? A Darkness line of nukes similar to Holy?
    Can we get a real SP ability and Blood Weapon moved to a 5-6 minute timer?

    Please for the love of god make Absorbs better, I know much of the other adjustments are a pipe dream. But let's start simply with Absorbs:

    Absorb spells are just as potent when cast by a person subbing Dark Knight as a main Dark Knight.
    Boost base stat absorbs to +40~ before Liberator or gear.
    Make the secondary absorbs +22~ before Liberator or gear.
    Absorbs do not decay. <----------- If only this was done I could literally cry tears of joy.

    Can you please make our mythic Scythe give a boost to ALL absorbs? It doesn't seem to work with Absorb-Attri or Absorb-TP. Why doesn't it help Aspir/Drain too?

    Please give us the rest of the absorb line, evasion, attack, defense, magic defense, magic evasion, magic attack.

    Can weapon bash do more than 130~ damage, and perhaps inflict a debuff (like Samurai) seeing as we are "Outlaw Warrior's who use the Dark Arts to torment their foes combined with martial ability.

    Nethervoid was/is a solid ability, please lower the recast on Nethervoid and Dark Seal, 1-2 minutes is appropriate. Also, make it so these abilities are only expended when a compatible spell is cast. (Not Cure, Cocoon, /anyspell.)

    Over the years it seems SE has forgotten about us. . .

    Scarlet Delirium (Please fix this, it is awful.) Make it a shield that absorbs damage, or reflects it. (I don't know, anything else.)
    Arcane Crest/Circle: Make these give us some other benefits and usable in most situations and make them very effective against that particular monster family if applicable.

    Our job is long overdue for some serious magic adjustments and upgrades to our survival through meaningful JA's. There are three jobs on the new "tank" Yorium Armor:

    Dark Knight

    Please SE give us something, or at least respond to this forum for once.
    I know this is a lot but there is zero correspondence it seems with the dev team and the community about this job. Perhaps if we could get some feedback we could narrow it down to particular topics, but I've seen this community be so quiet and so patient with zero return.
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