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    Feedback on Dark Knight Adjustments


    Thank you for the adjustments made to Dark Knight thus far. I'll try and be as concise with my feedback as possible. I hope the dev team will take it into consideration.

    - Last Resort's defense penalty is too steep. We use this ability for the delay reduction it offers through desperate blows. Attack is easy to come by. I feel like it's more difficult to use this ability in end-game events than it was before, when it had -15% defense penalty.

    - Consume Mana does not do enough damage to compensate for the delay the ability incurs. If I use this ability, I'm losing a few melee swings. It needs to be worth it!

    There's also the issue with retrieving our lost MP. The dev team mentioned they would add something for Scythe users, and I can only assume we're supposed to use Entropy so that Consume Mana may be taken full advantage of. Entropy is not our strongest weaponskill, so we're losing damage here as well.

    Consume Mana is a fantastic idea. I think it would be much more worthwhile if it behaved similar to Souleater, with a similar recast. As it stands, we actually do less damage by selecting to use, and do the upkeep necessary to continue using this ability. I can't imagine this is a scenario the dev team had in mind.

    Thank you for considering this feedback!

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    The update to Last Resort was a direct nerf, that's way too much defense lost in a job that already tends to take a lot of damage. Warrior's berserk got boosted without a corresponding loss to it's defense, why didn't SE do that with Dark Knight.

    Consume Mana is horrible, it's 1:1 and provides virtually no real usage. It needs to be 50% of max MP and more like a 1:2 or 1:3 converted MP to damage ratio, would be much more useful.
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    Ragnarok's aftermath is only 5% crit rate, even with lv99, so there's almost no point in using Scourge, you just spam Resolution. Even then you become just a boring meathead DD.

    Apoc with both Catastrophe and Entropy gives you crazy sustain of both HP and MP. With the Haste aftermath you can wear a ton of -PDT and solo almost any 75 content.
    Doing damage is for WAR's, DRK is about soloing 75 content yo.....