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    • A new quest has been added to Seekers of Adoulin.
      Name:  Event_01.jpg
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    • Mog Gardens have undergone the following adjustments.
      • A new quest has been added.
      • Mog Garden graphics have been altered.
        Name:  Garden_01.jpg
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      • The Green Thumb Moogle has a new dialogue option, “Buy or sell things!”, and his shop menu has been divided.
      • Creatures in the Mog Garden that have succumbed to darkness will display a visual effect above their heads when the player enters his Mog Garden.
      • The following items are now usable in Mog Gardens.
        Decennial Coat +1 / Decennial Dress +1 / Dragon Tank / Ether Tank / Water Tank /
        Potion Tank / Hi-Potion Tank / Hi-Ether Tank / Pellet Belt / Bolt Belt / Tathlum Belt / Nebimonite Belt /
        Key Ring Belt / Bronze Bandolier / Pinwheel Belt / Temple Knight’s Quiver / Iron Musketeer’s Quiver /
        Combat Caster’s Quiver / Redeyes / Orange Tank / Apple Tank / Pear Tank / Pamama Tank / Persikos Tank /
        Elixir Tank / Casaba Melon Tank / Escritorio / Leafkin Bopper +1 / Mandragora Masque +1 / Sheep Cap +1 /
        Heart Apron +1 / Hatchling Shield / Mundus Shield
      • Monster Rearing has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
        • New creature types may now be reared and their corresponding mementoes have been added.
          Name:  Event_03.jpg
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Size:  46.3 KBName:  Event_04.jpg
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          Name:  Event_05.jpg
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          Name:  Event_07.jpg
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        • The following items may now be used as feed.
          Papaka Grass / Denizanasi / Three-eyed Fish
        • Players may now increase their monster rearing rank to three.
          • Unlocking rank 3 grants access to a new section of the Mog Garden as well as the ability to rear multiple creatures at once.
            Name:  Event_08.jpg
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Size:  63.9 KBName:  Event_09.jpg
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            * The February patch will allow up to 2 monsters to be reared at once.
          • To raise your monster rearing rank, you will need to purchase a copy of Sakura and the Fountain from one of the following NPCs:
            Skipper Moogles in Port San d’Oria (I-8), Port Bastok (K-11), or Port Windurst (C-8) / Zenicca in Western Adoulin (E-9)
          • Players who are rearing two or more creatures at once may speak with Chacharoon to have him focus on one monster in particular.
          • New entries have been added to the teleportation menus of the following NPCs.
            Green Thumb Moogle / Chacharoon / Mog Dinghy
    • Records of Eminence has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • New objectives have been added.
      • Unity accolade rewards for completing limited-time challenges and daily objectives have been increased.
      • The number of times enhancing magic needs to be cast on party or alliance members to fulfill the Buff Allies (D) daily objective has been reduced from fifty to twenty.
      • Unity accolades have been added to the list of currencies exchangeable for copper A.M.A.N. vouchers.
      • The ability to receive up to thirty-six combat and magic skill books from Records of Eminence NPCs simultaneously has been added.
      • The amount of Unity accolades a player possesses now displays in the Quests submenu.
    • Unity Concord has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • The maximum number of Unity chat participants has been doubled from sixty-four to 128.
      • The number of Unity accolades required to teleport to areas where Wanted battles take place has been reduced.
      • Refractive Crystals made now be purchased from the following NPCs.
        Urbiolaine in Southern San d’Oria (G-10) / Igsli in Bastok Markets (E-11) / Teldro-Kesdrodo and Yonolala in Windurst Woods (J-10) / Nunaarl Bthtrogg in Western Adoulin (H-11)
      • New Unity Wanted objectives have been added to the following areas:
        Uleguerand Range / Attohwa Chasm / Lufaise Meadows / Misareaux Coast
        Name:  Event_10.jpg
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        Players may receive the following rewards from opening treasure coffers acquired by vanquishing the above notorious monsters.
        Name:  Event_14EN.jpg
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        Name:  Event_15EN.jpg
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        * Equipment with attributes that vary based on Unity ranking do so regardless of time of day, weather, or latent effects.

    • New alter egos have been added.
      Name:  Face_01.jpg
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    • Added the ability to engrave job-specific capes with arcane glyptics to the following NPC:
      • Detrovio in Western Adoulin (J-10)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Event_16.jpg
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Size:	4.9 KB
ID:	11002
        Engraving arcane glyptics requires bayld and new items known as refractive crystals. Players may trade a refractive crystal together with a job-specific cape to confirm the cape’s attributes pre- and post-engraving in addition to having the cape engraved. Players may revert the cape to its pre-engraving state, but the refractive crystal is consumed upon confirming the trade.
    • • The following furnishings have been adjusted to that it is now possible to receive items from the moogles one minute after placing the appropriate furnishings rather than one week after:
      Oak Bed, Simple Bed / Tarutaru Desk / Bureau / Armoire / Water Cask / Lines and Space / White Jar / Wicker Box / Stationery Set
    • The conditions for progressing with the following quests have been adjusted.
      Chocobo's Wounds / Chasing Quotas
      Pre-adjustment: 12:00 a.m. (Japan time)
      Post-adjustment: One minute (Earth time)
    • • The conditions for re-receiving the quest Cook-a-roon have been adjusted.
      Pre-adjustment: Sunday at 12:00 a.m. (Japan time)
      After changes: One minute (Earth time)
    • The requirements for obtaining job emotions have undergone the following adjustments.
      Standard Jobs
      Pre-adjustment: Completion of the requisite Trial of the Magians
      Post-adjustment: No requirements
      Extra Jobs
      Pre-adjustment: Completion of the requisite Trial of the Magians
      Post-adjustments: Upon acquiring the specific extra job
    • It is now possible to convert certain items that spawn notorious monsters into dally tally for the Gobbie Mystery Box.
    • When having Divainy-Gamainy in Western Adoulin (J-10) engraving the following items with arcane glyptics, the values will be higher than they were previously.
      Ohrmazd / Ipetam / Claidheamh Soluis / Macbain / Kumbhakarna / Svarga / Inanna / Olyndicus /
      Izuna / Nenekirimaru / Nehushtan / Keraunos / Phaosphaelia / Doomsday / Linos / Svalinn
    • Players may now store the following items with Divainy-Gamainy in Western Adoulin (J-10).
      Mellidopt Wings Stored / Duskslit Stone / Duskslit Stone +1 / Duskslit Stone +2 / Dusktip Stone /
      Dusktip Stone +1 / Dusktip Stone +2 / Duskdim Stone / Duskdim Stone +1 / Duskdim Stone +2 /
      Duskorb Stone / Duskorb Stone +1 / Duskrorb Stone +2
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    • Alluvion Skirmishes have been added to Yorcia Weald [U].
      Name:  Battle_01.jpg
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      In order to participate in the skirmish, the party leader must be in possession of a Yorcia Eudaemon key item. As with previous eudaemons, Oston in Eastern Adoulin (G-8) can assemble them in exchange for the appropriate simulacra segments.

      Read on for more information on Alluvion Skirmishes.
    • In alluvion skirmishes, the rank of the faithful torso used to assemble the eudaemon has been adjusted to enable the player to move one level deeper.
      * No change to the time allotment has been made.
    • The chances of spoils rank increasing in skirmishes and alluvion skirmishes has been increased.
    • The eudaemon segments used in assembling a eudaemon have been adjusted so that different types are more likely to give different rewards.
      • Eudaemon Sword
        Personal treasure coffers are more likely to drop –slit stones.
      • Eudaemon Cape / Eudaemon Ring
        Personal treasure coffers are more likely to drop –dim stones.
      • Eudaemon Sash
        Personal treasure coffers are more likely to drop –orb stones.
      • Eudaemon Shield
        Personal treasure coffers are more likely to drop –tip stones.
    • Job points have undergone the following additions and adjutments.
      • New categories have been added.
      • New gifts have been added.
        These gifts include further enhancements such as bonuses to physical attack and magic defenseas well as the acquisition of high-tier elemental magic and enhancements of job abilities.

        Read on for a table displaying all gifts.
        * Some gifts have also been adjusted.
    • Some elemental spells have been rebalanced in accordance with the addition of high-tier elemental spells to gifts.
      • The casting delay of tier IV spells has been decreased from six seconds to five seconds.
      • The casting time of tier V spells has been decreased from ten seconds to 7.5 seconds.
      • The amount of MP consumed by casting the following elemental spells has been adjusted.
        Fire II6026
        Fire III10163
        Fire IV169135
        Fire V240228
        Blizzard II6831
        Blizzard III11575
        Blizzard IV190162
        Blizzard V272267
        Aero II5122
        Aero III8854
        Aero IV148115
        Aero V210198
        Stone II3616
        Stone III6440
        Stone IV11288
        Thunder II7737
        Thunder III12991
        Thunder IV213195
        Water II4319
        Water III7546
        Water IV12999
        Water V182175
    • The following job-related adjustments have been implemented.
      • Beastmaster
        Name:  Battle_03.jpg
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        • New familiars summonable with Call Beast and Bestial Loyalty have been added.
          Name:  Pet_01.jpg
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Size:  29.3 KBName:  Pet_02.jpg
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Size:  27.8 KBName:  Pet_03.jpg
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Size:  31.9 KB
          Choral LeeraFluffy BredoGussy Hachirobe
        • The recast time of Sic has been decreased from 120 seconds to ninety seconds.
        • The amount of time required for Ready to accumulate one charge has been decreased from sixty to thirty seconds.
        • The following adjustments to the Sic Recast merit point category have been implemented in line with the above changes.
          • The shortening of Sic’s recasting time has been reduced from four seconds to two seconds per point.
          • The shortening shortening of Ready’s recast time has been reduced from two seconds to one second.
        • The special abilities of familiars summoned with Call Beast and Bestial Loyalty have been adjusted as follows.
        • The strength of all special abilities has been increased.
        • All special abilities now have a component that varies with TP, and ability help text has been updated to reflect this adjustment.
        • The Amigo Sabotender's special ability 1000 Needles has been renamed ??? Needles.
        • Skillchain elements have been added to the following special abilities.
          Foot Kick / Whirl Claws / Headbutt / Wild Oats / Leaf Dagger / Razor Fang / Claw Cyclone /
          Tail Blow / Blockhead / Brain Crush / Lamb Chop / Sheep Charge / Big Scissor / Needle Shot /
          ??? Needles / Frog Kick / Power Attack / Rhino Attack / Mandibular Bite / Nimble Snap /
          Cyclone Tail / Double Claw / Grapple / Spinning Top / Suction / Sudden Lunge / Spiral Spin /
          Scythe Tail / Ripper Fang / Chomp Rush / Back Heel / Turtle Stomp / Wing Slap / Beak Lunge /
          Recoil Dive / Sensilla Blades / Tegmina Buffet / Swooping Frenzy / Sweeping Gouge / Pentapeck /
          Tickling Tendrils / Somersault / Pecking Flurry / Sickle Slash
        • The following special abilities now contribute to magic bursts.
          Dust Cloud / Fireball / Bubble Shower / Spore / Venom / Sandblast / Sandpit /
          Venom Spray, /Soporific / Gloeosuccus / Palsy Pollen / Toxic Spit / Filamented Hold /
          Snow Cloud / Acid Mist / Charged Whisker / Purulent Ooze / Corrosive Ooze /
          Molting Plumage / Stink Bomb / Nectarous Deluge / Nepenthic Plunge / Foul Waters /
          Pestilent Plume / Acid Spray / Spider Web
      • Blue Mage
        Name:  Battle_04.jpg
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Size:  84.4 KB
        • The additional effects of blue magic have been changed to scale with blue magic skill.

        • The maximum level of the following job traits has been increased from three to four.
          Attack Bonus / Defense Bonus / Evasion Bonus / Accuracy Bonus / Magic Attack Bonus / Magic Defense Bonus / Conserve MP
      • Puppetmaster
        Name:  Battle_05.jpg
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Size:  91.2 KB
        • The following new attachments have been added.
          Strobe II / Tension Spring III / Loudspeaker III / Tranquilizer II /
          Accelerator III / Scope II / Shock Absorber II / Armor Plate III /
          Stabilizer III / Coiler II / Mana Jammer III / Stealth Screen II /
          Auto-Repair Kit III / Mana Tank III
        • The strength of the following automaton weapon skills has been increased.
          Chimera Ripper / String Clipper / Arcuballista / Slapstick / Cannibal Blade /
          Daze / Knockout / Bone Crusher / Armor Piercer / Magic Mortar / String Shredder /
          Armor Shatterer
    • The Trust initiative has undergone the following adjustments.
      • The effectiveness of Maat’s alter ego’s mantra ability has been increased.
      • Alter egos can now be summoned in the following battle content.
        • Mission Battlefields
          • Wings of the Goddess
            All battlefields up to Darkness Descends
        • Quest Battlefields
          • All quest battlefields related to Wings of the Goddess missions
        • Campaign Ops
          Splitting Heirs / Cracking Shells / Plucking Wings / Fiat Lux
        • Other Battlefields
          The Blood-bathed Crown / The Buried God / A Malicious Manifest
        Read on for a list of content in which alter egos can be called forth.
    • Trailing digits from experience points and bayld earned from Reive evaluations are now carried over to the next evaluation.
    • The minimum number of participants for Legion has been decreased from three to one.
    • The minimum number of participants for the following Campaign Ops has been decreased from three to one.
      Brave Dawn I / Brave Dawn II / Brave Dawn III / Pit Spider I / Pit Spider II /
      Pit Spider III / Granite Rose I / Granite Rose II / Granite Rose III / By Light of Fire /
      Cut and Cauterize I / Cut and Cauterize II / Cut and Cauterize III
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    • New items have been added.
    • New synthesis recipes have been added.
      Name:  Item_01.jpg
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    • New synergy recipes have been added.
      <Rank: Craftsman>
      ItemRequired Synthesis SkillsMaterials
      Fotia Gorget-Flame Gorget, Snow Gorget, Breeze Gorget, Soil Gorget, Thunder Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Light Gorget, Shadow Gorget
      Hachirin-no-Obi-Karin Obi, Hyorin Obi, Furin Obi, dorin Obi, Rairin Obi, Suirin Obi, Korin Obi, Anrin Obi
      Fotia Belt-Flame Belt, Snow Belt, Breeze Belt, Soil Belt, Thunder Belt, Aqua Belt, Light Belt, Shadow Belt
      <Skill Rank: Adept>
      ItemRequired Synthesis SkillsMaterials
      Sugary BrothCookingWalnut, Honey, Ulbuconut, Rolanberry
      Poisonous BrothCookingGnatbane, Venom Dust, Distilled Water, Umbril Ooze
      Sticky WebbingCookingGnat Wing, Twitherym Wing, Chapuli Wing, Mantid Carapace
    • Grand coffers obtainable in Incursion have undergone the following adjustments.
      Grand coffers obtainable from Ymmr-Ulvid, Ignor Mnt, Tryl-Wujs, and Gramk-Droog have an increased chance of containing job-specific capes and no longer contain gil.
      Grand coffers obtainable from Durs-Vike and Liij-Voks have an increased chance of containing job-specific capes and a decreased chance of containing gil or geodes.
    • The following coffers dropping from Wanted battles now contain refractive crystals and have a decreased chance to contain gil.
      Imperator’s Coffer / Abyssdiver’s Coffer / Intuila’s Coffer / Arthro’s Coffer /
      Orcfeltrap’s Coffer / Jill’s Coffer / Joyous’s Coffer / Strix’s Coffer /
      Warblade’s Coffer / Arke’s Coffer / Largantua’s Coffer / Beist’s Coffer /
      Malatrix’s Coffers / Veloz’s Coffer / Mender’s Coffer / Samantha’s Coffer /
      Heiligtum’s Coffer / Douma’s Coffer / Uropygid’s Coffer / Vedrfolnir’s Coffer
    • Additional items may now be stored via the Porter Moogle.
      • Storage Slip 19
        Heartbeater / Heartbeater +1 / Leafkin Cap / Leafkin Cap +1 / Corolla / Celeste Cap
    • Goobbue Gardeners in the Sanctuary of Zi’tah now drop goobbue humus.
    • Elder Goobbues in the Boyahda Tree now drop great boyahda moss instead of goobbue humus.
    • The vendor prices of the following items have been lowered.
      Great Boyahda Moss / Wisteria Lumber
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    • A new menu option has been added to relinquish rights to cast lots on all spoils contained in a treasure coffer at once.
      Name:  System_01EN.jpg
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      Name:  System_02EN.jpg
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Size:  31.5 KB
      Selecting ”Done” relinquishes all items other than those with lots cast.
      * Please note that selecting this option will cause the operation to be executed automatically without displaying a yes/no dialogue.
    • The following entries have been added to the Config section of the main menu.
      • A new category, “Misc. 3,” has been added. (Windows Only)
        Name:  System_03EN.jpg
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Size:  38.9 KB

        Name:  System_04EN.jpg
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Size:  37.3 KB
        The following categories have been added under Misc. 3
        * These entries have been added under Misc. 2 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions.
        • Weapon Effects
          Enables or disables the display of weapon effects.
        • Style Lock
          * This option is unavailable in the February version update.
      • An option to tile the log window horizontally under has been added to the Shared entry in the Windows submenu. (Windows only)
    • The Linkshell submenu has undergone the following adjustments.
      • Linkshells stored in mog satchels, sacks, and cases are now displayed.
      • New Linkshells stored in mog satchels, sacks, and cases can be used to produce linkshells equippable to the first linkshell slot.
    • The following entries have been added to the Currencies 2 section of the Status submenu.
      Mellidopt Wings Stored / Duskslit Stone / Duskslit Stone +1 / Duskslit Stone +2 / Dusktip Stone /
      Dusktip Stone +1 / Dusktip Stone +2 / Duskdim Stone / Duskdim Stone +1 / Duskdim Stone +2 /
      Duskorb Stone / Duskorb Stone +1 / Duskrorb Stone +2
    • A new menu option, Style Lock, has been added in the Equip Set section of the Macro submenu.
      * This option is unavailable in the February version update.
    • A new shortcut key to switch chat mode to Linkshell 2, Ctrl-X, has been added.
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    Resolved Issues

    • Various issues with improper text in certain NPC dialogue and help text.
    • The issue wheren background music would not play properly after watching certain cutscenes in the Seekers of Adoulin mission Balamor, the Deathborne Xol.
    • The issue wherein equipment sets would not function properly under certain conditions.
    • The issue with the Job Points section of the Status submenu wherein the cursor would not move to the proper location when selecting a particular category after choosing a job.
    • The issue with Records of Eminence wherein the setting of certain unrepeatable objectives did not function properly.
    • The issue with the text command /equipset wherein when HP and MP values change after changing equipment using the command the following arguments would display the previous HP and MP values.
      <hp> / <hpp> / <mp> / <mpp>
    • The issue wherein when opening the action menu with items remaining to be claimed from a treasure coffer while targeting a PC that is seeking a party, certain entries would fail to display properly.
    • The issue wherein the auto-translate dictionary would not function properly when chatting via an equipped secondary linkshell.
    • The issue with Cherukiki’s alter ego wherein the areas of effect of the following spells were incorrect.
      Sleepga / Sleepga II
    • The issue with the following blue magic spells wherein the accuracy of their additional effects was incorrect.
      Wild Oats / Sandspin / Hecatomb Wave / Maelstrom / Barbed Crescent / Tourbillion
    • The issue where careening twitherym roaming Foret de Hennetiel would not drop crystals.
    • The issue wherein the area of effect of beastmaster familiars Redolent Candi and Alluring Honey’s special ability Nepenthic Plunge was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein the effects of the arcane glyptics affect Phalanx were incorrect.
    • The issue wherein where points were put into the group one merit point category "Lunge Effect," magic accuracy was not properly increased when Lunge is used.
    • The issue wherein if points were put into the rune fencer group one merit point category "Vallation Effect" and either Vallation or Valiance were used, the user would only gain the effects of one rune regardless of how many are active.
    • The issue with monster rearing wherein an error message would dispaly twice when trying to procure an item from a creature being reared while the inventory was full.
    • The issue wheren Mog Garden pond graphics would occasionally not update after upgrading the pond rank.
    • The issue wherein certain Mog Garden gathering points would not display properly after upgrading the arboreal grove from rank 5 to 6.
    • The issue wherein the Seekers of Adoulin mission Behind the Sluices would occasionally not advance properly.
    • The issue wherein the screen would occasionally black out and become unresponsive during the following missions and quests.
      The Chains Fall Free / Where It All Began / Maiden of the Dusk / The Long March North /
      Navigating the Unfriendly Seas / Promotion: Second Lieutenant / Promotion: First Lieutenant /
      Divine Interference / Into the Beast's Maw / Yggdrasil / Sweets for the Soul / Flowers for Svenja /
      Do Not Go Into the Light / Hypocritical Oath / Sick and Tired
    • The issue wherein equipping fellows with certain items would cause certain graphics to not display correctly.

    Windows version only
    • The issue wherein the effects of the Adamantoise family special ability Harden Shell would not display properly.
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    Known Issues

    • Players may occasionally become unable to move when falling through the terrain in Sih Gates (J-10).
    • The screen will occasionally black out and become unresponsive during cutscenes in the following missions.
      Maiden of the Dusk / Unraveling Reason / Light of Judgment
    • The player may occasionally become unable to move after becoming stuck in a wall in Sea Serpent Grotto (H-9)
    • When participating in an alluvion skirmish in Yorcia Weald [U], the effects of certain weaponskills will occasionally not disply properly when using them on strongholds.
    • When rearing a ziz within the Mog Gardens, an effect will occasionally play on the ziz when taking certain actions.
    • If the player acquires the dancer gift category Maximum Finishing Moves Bonus and has the icon type set to 2, a black border will occasionally display around the icon that appears when the player has six or more finishing moves.
    • When using the Dispense: Confectionery Goods ability of the Heart Apron +1, the player will occasionally receive bast parchment.
    • When using the /macro command while editing the macro palette and moving the book, the entry currently being edited will be copied over to the new location.
    • Switching between the job point and gifts categories in the Job Point submenu and then canceling will cause the client to crash.
    • When in possession of a linkshell and linkpearl of the same type, the equip section of the Linkshell submenu will not grey out and remain openable.
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