Hey all.

I am now 2 Nyzul token farming runs away from finishing WHM mythic. Does anyone else here have it?

I was drawn to the Yagrush because of it's permanent Divine Veil effect. It gets that at 75. At first it seems like there'd be little point in doing the Magian trials.... but then it also looks like you get some boosts to Divine Benison (about 15% faster cast time on status cure spells by level 90).

Also I see some boosts to Magic Accuracy, starting at +10 at level 80 and increasing to +20 at 95 and +25 at 99 and 119. Those.... kinda suck compare to, say, Tamaxchi.

The big boost for level 119, which makes it pretty much a requirement for OTHER mythic weapons, is the big jump in damage. But.... I'm not really a melee WHM. Nothing against melee WHM, but if I want to do damage I jump on MNK or sometimes SAM.

So if you're not going to melee, is there a point to bringing Yagrush to 119? Mulcibar's Scoria is not cheap.... I do have 2 Pandemonium Warden pops but I'm not sure if I can cajole my linkshell into fighting him with me.