Platform: PC
ISP: Charter
Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 30mbps Down/4mbps Up
Date & Time: 1/25/15
Frequency: All the time
Character Name: Rendra
Race: Mithra
World: Odin
Main Job: DRG
Support Job: SAM
Area and Coordinates: Any Area
Party or Solo: Solo and Party
NPC Name:
Monster Name: Any Type of Monster

1. This issue was originally fixed back on 12/17/14 The link is here but has came back with the new additions to the chat log, I assume this same update needs to take place to fix the issue.

2. When you're attacking something the game will skip as in like losing FPS for a split second this happens at random intervals and i can reproduce it at any givin time, then the skipping stops for a little bit and then starts again. This happens any time you're in a battle it seems and only started happening since the chat log windows were split... even if you put them back to default it still does it... I assume the issue is within the chat log and how things are sent to the player via chat log. This is pretty frustrating as well... I have tried it on both of my PC's both running windows. It never happened prior to the recent update.