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    "Missing" Trusts

    Well not so much missing as ones we're pretty sure are coming.

    As some may remember, SE did an NPC poll, which they later revealed informed some of their choices on who got trusts (Shantotto came in first to the shock of few.) Well of the 30 characters whose rankings they posted, they've actually covered a lot of ground. Missing ones are now:
    13. Robel-Akbel (heh)
    20. Mayakov (Ok we better not have gotten him yet because we are getting an awesome quest right?)
    22. Semih Lafihna (rather odd we haven't gotten her)
    24. Leonoyne (really odd we haven't since we keep getting OTHER Campaign NPCs)
    25. Rishfee (lol lol)

    Promised from early on but haven't gotten yet:
    The most recent heroine - Arciela, but then again, her story only wrapped up rather recently.

    Promised from an interview last month or so:
    The rest of the Unity Leaders
    Missings ones are:
    1. Pieuje
    2. Invincible Shield
    3. Apururu
    4. Jakoh Wahcondalo
    5. Flaviria

    Then when you stop and think of it, we have some incomplete sets!
    Chebukki siblings - missing Makki-Chebukki, the eldest. Could toss in another Chebukki relative, but I won't spoil.
    Conflict Directors - We've had one since the start, a second is promised, so that leaves Mhabi Molkot.
    The heads of the Adoulinian Coalitions, we have Margret, people have discovered we're getting Lhe Lhangavo soonish, probably Feb. Login Campaign, and Flavaria doubles as a Unity NPC so that leaves:
    1. Gratzigg
    2. Reginald
    3. Amchuchu

    Then of course, there are more Campaign NPCs, I think some more relic holders (we've gotten four. I can't recall how many more are in the game, I have my limits!), perhaps some more of Windy's current and former Ministers (we've gotten a handful) and of course:

    B. Shantotto - because seriously, we have the other two. This needs to happen.
    Don't wish. Don't start.

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    I don't know where this B. Shantotto comes from, but I'd also like to tag on a few additional trusts.

    AA Hume, Tarutaru, Galka, Mithra, and Elvaan. :3
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    I think SE needs to fix the inconsistencies with some of the current Alter Egos first right now so that they are up to par with newly added ones.
    One quick example is to compare the strength of Valaineral R Davilles and Rainemard in campaign battles, then go compare them as Alter Egos.
    Valaineral R Davilles doesn't have any of his unique traits, and yet Rainemard has all + some new ones.

    Sure, Valaineral gets Double Attack now, and Provoke. Though come on, look at Rughadjeen, he has Double Attack, Triple Attack and kept his unique
    Additional Effect: Fire damage at a 100% proc rate for quite a fair amount of damage. What happened to Valaineral's Additional Effect: Light damage at the same exact proc rate?

    That aside, hopefully they didn't botch Leonoyne like they did Valaineral.. Cannot wait to see PLD Alter Ego casting Blizzard IV, Blizzaga III, Ice Spikes... /drool

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    Trust Acquisition

    This may be a bit off-topic, but with regards to the fact that SE is ending major updates and whatnot, will we still be able to acquire any trust spells we are missing? I recently started a new character and even if I start now there are a whole mess of Trust spells from previous events I will never be able to get otherwise. I haven't really explored Trust that much, but can we get alter-ego's for our Advanced Job Masters? They are essentially "teaching" us how to do their job after all. Leading by example and all that...