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    • New quests have been added to Seekers of Adoulin areas.
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    • Records of Eminence has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • New objectives have been added.
      • The conditions for completing some objectives have been lowered.
    • Completion of the "Refuel and Replenish" series of Abyssea quests is now possible even if Martello energy is 100%.
    • Players are now able to close the menu when selecting a waypoint by using the escape key or other similar means.
      * This adjustment only takes effect when the player has the reconfirmation option disabled.
    • The following adjustments have been made to Monster Rearing.
      • The conditions for acquiring rams have been lessened.
      • After selecting a memory from the “Rank XX monsters” menu when choosing a cheer and electing for “Nothing for now,” the cursor will not be set at the location of the previously selected memory.

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    • New Unity Wanted objectives have been added.
      • Areas
        Cape Terrigan / The Sanctuary of Zi’tah / Ro’Maeve / Yuhtunga Jungle / Western Altepa Desert

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        VedrfolnirKeeper of HeiligtumDouma Weapon
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        Steamy SamanthaKing Uropygid

        Item level 119 equipment will occasionally drop as rewards from coffers obtained by vanquishing the applicable notorious monsters.
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    • A variety of battle content, including Wanted battles, Voidwatch, and high-tier mission battlefields, have undergone the following adjustments.
      • If a player’s level is above the limit for the applicable content, the following pets they are in control of will no longer despawn upon starting.
        Familairs summoned with Call Beast or Bestial Loyalty / Avatars / Automatons
        * This adjustmens also applies to battle content such as mission battlefields wherein players do not lose experience upon being knocked out.
        * This adjustment does not apply to the following content.
        Trial Size Trial by Fire / Trial Size Trial by Earth / Trial Size Trial by Water / Trial Size Trial by Wind / Trial Size Trial by Ice / Trial Size Trial by Lightning

    • Puppetmasters will undergo the following adjustments.
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      • The soulsoother head will now cast Protectra and Shellra instead of Protect and Shell.
      • The stormwaker head will now cast Shell and Protect on the automaton.
      • The soulsoother and stormwaker heads will now cast enhancement magic spells in the following order of priority.
        Haste will be cast after Protectra and Shellra.
        Haste will be cast after Protect and Shell.
      • The following attachments will undergo adjustments.
        • Tactical Processor
          The increased likelihood of overloading will be removed.
        • Attuner
          This attachment will function properly in high-tier battlefields and Wanted battles.
        • Target Markers
          This attachment will function properly in high-tier battlefields and Wanted battles.
      • The job point category "Automaton Max HP Bonus" will be changed to "Automaton HP and MP Bonus."
        Increases the maximum HP and MP of automatons.
        Increase maximum HP by 10 and MP by 5.
        * Points already spent in the Automaton Max HP Bonus category will be automatically carried over to the new category.
      • In accordance with the above change, the job point category "Automaton Max MP Bonus" will be changed to "Activate Effect."
        Decreases the automaton's burden when Activate or Deus Ex Automata is used.
        Decrease burden by 1.
        * Points already spent in the Automaton Max MP Bonus category will be automatically carried over to the new category.
    • The following alter egos have undergone adjustments.
      • Maat
        Maat will use Formless Strikes under more appropriate conditions.
      • Rahal
        Rahal will now use Shield Bash when enemies cast a tier III –ga elemental magic spell in addition to situations where he currently uses it.

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    • New synthesis recipes have been added.
    • New items have been added.
    • New items may be stored with the Porter Moogle
      • Storage Slip 19
        Sheep Cap / Sheep Cap +1 / Heart Apron / Heart Apron +1

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    • Players are now able to equip two linkshells at once.
      • Equipping two linkshells
        Linkshells continue to be equipped via the "Linkshell" section of the main menu.
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        • Linkshell 1
          Linkshell 1 will be equipped as normally to access the Linkshell chat shannel. The icon color and displayed before the name will be the color of the linkshell.
        • Linkshell 2
          It is possible to equip a linkshell to be designated as Linkshell 2. Secondary linkshells have the following restrictions.
          • Secondary linkshell login messages may not be viewed or changed.
          • Secondary linkshells will not be displayed when inspecting a PC.
          • Linkpearls may not be converted to pearlsacks and vice versa.
      • Chat log messages for linkshell 1 and linkshell 2 are now displayed as shown below.
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        * Text colors may be changed by opening up the "Config" section of the main menu and selecting "Font Colors."
    • In conjunction with the new ability to equip two linkshells, the following text commands introduced in the December 2014 version update have been activated.
      • /linkshell2, /l2
        Chat with people over the Linkshell 2 chat channel regardless of distance or area.
      • /makelinkpearl2, /makeli2, /makelinkshell2
        Create a linkpeal for the linkshell equipped in the Linkshell 2 slot.
      • The "linkshell2" sub command of the /search and /sea text commands.
        Searches for PCs belonging to the linkshell equipped in slot 2.
      • The "linkshell2" subcommand of the /nominate text command.
        All voting-related options for linkshells may be used with secondary linkshells.
    • The shortcut Ctrl+L has been modified to not designate the Linkshell 2 chat mode.
      * A shortcut key for this feature is scheduled to be added in a subsequent version update.
    • Players are now able to designate a player to chat with, search for, or target via the log window.
      • Eligible chat channels
        Say / Tell / Party / Linkshell / Linkshell 2 / Unity / Shout / Yell
        * This function also works for emotes appearing in the chat log.
      • Selecting a Player from the Log Window
        Switching the log window to full screen mode will display a cursor, enabling players to select a log.
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        Hovering the cursor over the desired entry and selecting it will display the player's name together with a menu with entries for tells, searches, and targeting.
        Name:  system_04EN.jpg
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        Selecting "Tell" will display the following icon in the log.
        Name:  system_05EN.jpg
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        * There may be up to 30 instances of this icon. Adding additional ones beyond this number will cause the previous instances to be deleted in the order of oldest to newest.
    • The format of log window timestamps has been adjusted.
    • Measures have been taken regarding the phenomenon wherein the ??? target related to Campaign ops in Beaucedine Glacier [S] would disappear.

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    Resolved Issues

    • The issue wherein character names would occasionally fail to display properly while level synched.
    • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "The Light Within" wherein the player's character would occasionally fail to display properly curing cutscenes.
    • The issue post-character creation wherein certain NPCs in cutscenes occurring in Port San d'Oria would fail to display properly.
    • The issue with the quest "Moment of Truth" wherein playing certain cutscenes with the main job set to geomancer or rune fencer would prevent the player from properly completing the quest.
    • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein examining the flotsam would occasionally fail to yield any items.
    • The issue with the quest "Chacharoon's Cheer" wheren certain visual effects would fail to properly display during cutscenes.
    • Various issues wherein help text related to combat skill increase rates via "Cheer:" key items was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein being knocked out while weakened and then reviving would fail to properly adjust certain attributes.
    • The issue wherein certain visual effects of Zazarg's alter ego would fail to display properly.
    • There issue wherein examining ethereal junctions for Wanted battles while in combat would cause enmity to reset even if the conditions for spawning the corresponding notorious monster were not met.
    • The issue wherein using the weapon skills "Flaming Arrow" and "Hot Shot" would occasionally fail to properly display damage values in the combat log.
    • The issue wherein using the /checkparam text command on an automaton whose combat skills were increased via merit points or equipment would fail to display the proper values for certain attributes.
    • The issue wherein the effects of the following enemy abilities did not function properly.
      Graviton Crux / Baleen Gurge / Tectonic Shift / Chokehold
    • The issue wherein the “Kick” option in the Linkshell menu would allow a player to kick themselves under certain conditions.
    • The issue wherein the functionality of /linkshell2 and /l2 would differ from those of other chat-related text commands
    • The issue wherein opening the secondary window from the full screen log window would occasionally cause the program to slow down.
    • The issue with certain guild shops wherein items that are ordinarily not able to be sold would occasionally have vendor prices displayed.
    • The issue with Batallia Downs wherein the arrows would occasionally fail to display properly while fishing.
    • Various issues with improper descriptions in NPC dialogue and help text.
    • The issue wherein teleporting to a survival guide in Buburimu Peninsula would cause the camera to be at an improper location.
    • The issue with NPCs selling magical maps wherein the prices for Al Zahbi maps were incorrect.
    • The issue wherein the locations of survival guides in Passhow Marshlands [S] and Vunkerl Inlet [S] were incorrect.

    PlayStation 2 Only
    • The issue with certain cutscenes in Chains of Promathia missions and the quest "The Weatherspoon Inquisition" wherein the screen would black out and the program would become unresponsive.

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    Known Issues

    • The screen occasionally blacks out and the game occasionally becomes unresponsive during cutscenes in the following missions and quests.
      Wings of the Goddess mission "Where It All Began" / Chains of Promathia mission "The Chains Fall Free" / "The Long Match North"
    • The program slows down when entering the following battlefields occurring in Sealion's Den
      Chains of Promathia mission "The Warrior's Path" / High-tier battlefield "★The Warrior's Path"
    • When performing synthesis, the synthesis will occasionally be canceled and the materials and crystals lost even though the visual effects for a successful synthesis are displayed.
    • The effects of the increases enfeebling magic skill attribute of the items "Estoqueur's Sayon +2" and "Uk'uxkaj Boots" do not apply to Dia spells.
    • The ability Nepenthic Plunge used by the beastmaster familiar Redolent Candi displays improper help text regarding the ability's area of effect.
    • In Western Adoulin, it is possible for players to move to locations they would ordinarily not be able to.
    • When drawing a weapon without a target and receiving an ability or spell from a pet, combat with an enemy will occasionally commence with an improper target.
      * This may be fixed by leaving combat.
    • If points are put into the group one merit point category "Vallation Effect" and either Vallation or Valiance is used, the user will only gain the effects of one rune regardless of how many are active.
    • If points are put into the group one merit point category "Lunge Effect," magic accuracy is not properly increased when Lunge is used.
    • When opening the action menu with items remaining to be claimed from a treasure coffer while targeting a PC that is seeking a party, certain entries will fail to display properly.
    • When HP and MP values change after changing equipment using the text command /equipset, the following arguments will display the HP and MP values before changing equipment.
      <hp> / <hpp> / <mp> / <mpp>
    • When entering battle content with a level cap, the following familiars summoned via support jobs do not have their levels properly capped.
      Avatars / Automatons