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    Unity NM Priority Request (Shen) [dev1248]

    I'm enjoying Unity so far and fighting the new versions of old NM's for the ilv drops has been pretty fun. The devs have done a nice job here. I'd like to make a request for a Unity version of Shen to be added in the next round though.

    Reverend Mail was a big deal at lv 75 and I know myself and a lot of other WHM's still have theirs just because it looks cool even if it's useless now for any actual game play. An updated version has been in demand for a long time even if many haven't been too vocal about it.

    Please introduce an updated Shen and ilv Reverend Mail.

    Please grant this Christmas request to the WHM community!

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    That does sound extremely fun, would love to see a very cool DD armor peice for mage jobs, whm only is fine but would be neat if it was something to the tune of: Whm/Rdm/Blu/Smn/Pup/Geo/Blm

    Def: 150, Evasion +40, Magic Evasion+75, Magic Defense Bonus +3

    Str: 30, Dex: 25, Agi: 5, Vit: 5, Int: 25, Mnd: 30

    Club Skill +20, Triple Attack +2%, Haste +5%, Damage Taken -3%
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