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I believe more specifically they said they couldn't add new animations for new spells - I don't care what the animation looks like but the spells would still be cool to have
You don't care maybe but they wont introduce a new spell without a new animation. Though given how generic geo spells are it shouldn't matter but I can guarantee that will still be their answer as has been with all other new ja/spell things. Heck they've even used that excuse for simply using assets already in game like unused spells or ones only mobs get.

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If they can't add new stuff why aren't they doing something to fix that? o.O Also this game won't last if they don't add some new things now and then lol.

Even if it meant redoing the game...well, the option is there.
They can't add visual assets. They can reskin mobs/armor and change stats and quests etc all they want