How about some more items for crafters to make that are not only for Goldsmithing gulags? Also here's an idea for a new group of items, probably for Synergy though.

Remember how the Lv.51 Elemental Staves NQ/HQ were given a synth to make Iridal & Chatoyant staves? How about something similar for the Trial of Magian items? For example:
Take all 8 of same cardinal # Staff (Atar I, Vishrava I, Vourkasha I, Xsaeta I, Haoma I, etc...) and make them into ONE staff for use, with all the abilities of each into one.
Same can be done for any of the other weapons & Cardinal #, but cannot mix & match; (i.e. no Atar II or a Haoma III, and the rest IV, etc...) but all same #.
It would involve a LOT of additonal weapons and items, but also - like the lv.51 staff crunch - free up 7 slots space.
Where do we go to propose this idea to SqEnix to consider? Also might bring back people to "older content" (i.e Trial of Magians) too. Now that ilvl and sparks gear are available with nearly no comparativable work needed (compared to ToM work), I'd like to see my work I did become more viable. They did it for Relic weapons to ilvl 119, how much can it entail doing this? Thanks