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    Mog Gardens

    • Mog Gardens
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      Little slices of pastoral paradise, mog gardens are parcels of land apportioned to pioneers for their service to Adoulin. They sit upon the various tiny islets that dot the Senroh Sea, but do not be deceived by their size.

      Moogle caretakers dispatched from the MHMU watch over these island plots to ensure the bounty of each adventurer's sanctum, providing opportunities such as mining, logging, and fishing. All a greenhorn gardener needs do is impart the proper instructions to the moogle and all is tended to.
    • Entry Requirements
      • Installation of the FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin expansion
      • Registration of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion
      • Possession of the Pioneer's Badge key item
    • Entering Mog Gardens
      Speak to one of the following NPCs while in possession of a Pioneer's Badge. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
      • Cunegonde in Eastern Adoulin (G-11)
        Name:  MogGarden1_002.jpg
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      • Dangueubert in Western Adoulin (H-11)
        Name:  MogGarden1_003.jpg
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    Meet the Green Thumb Moogles

    • Meet the Green Thumb Moogles
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      Green Thumb Moogles are dispatched by the MHMU to tend to all your gardening needs. They also supply players with a Garden Positioning System (GPS) crystal upon their first visit.
    • Garden Positioning System Crystals
      Once each day, players' GPS crystals can be imbued with the light of a star, which players can store and exchange for wonderful rewards from the Green Thumb Moogle in future version updates.
    • Green Thumb Moogles...
      • Grant access to one's Mog House, but players cannot change the layout of their houses or invite others to them with the Green Thumb Moogle.
      • Sell seeds which can be sown in Mog Gardens.
        *The same seeds can be purchased from the NPC Old Bellows in Eastern Adoulin (J-7)
        * Other existing items serve the same function as those sold by Old Bellows. (Added on July 19th, 2013)

      • Act as liaisons between players and assistants, who can be hired for a certain amount of gil.
        *The roles of assistants will be explained later.
      • Explain the inner workings of the gardens, outline cautionary measures that should be taken, and other such important information.
      • They transport pioneers to Eastern or Western Adoulin. However, players may also return to Adoulin via the Mog Dinghy anchored off the shore of the island.
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    Using Mog Gardens

    • Using Mog Gardens
      Mog Gardens are composed of a field, grove, mining site, and inland and coastal fishing nets. Players can harvest, log, mine, and fish up a plethora of provisions from these resource-rich locales. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
    • Furrows
      Sowing seeds in furrows grows a bounty ripe for the picking.
      • Seeds
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        To sow a seed, simply trade it to a garden furrow. Examining the garden furrow after planting a seed reveals how long is left until one's bounty is ready to harvest.
      • Harvesting
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        Players can choose whether or not to harvest crops when they examine a garden furrow once a crop is ripe for the picking.
      • Uprooting Crops
        It is possible to put a stop to your crops' development by selecting the appropriate option after examining a garden furrow.
        *Seeds and the like will not be returned to those who uproot crops in this manner.
    • Grove Trees and Undergrowth
      Either logging the trees in the arboreal grove or scrounging the undergrowth around them will provide pioneers with an intriguing bounty.
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      • Tree vs. Undergrowth Gathering
        The place pioneers gather resources from the grove will switch between the trees and the undergrowth at a certain rate, and the bounty obtained from each will differ.
        * Players can decide whether to prune the trees or weed the undergrowth by using certain fertilizing items. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
    • Mineral Veins
      Boring into the large boulder that stands tall within the garden hinterland will provide pioneers with intriguing hauls.
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      • Multiple mineral veins exist on the boulder, and the location players can mine changes randomly after each excavation.
        * The items that can be excavated vary by vein. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
        * Players can decide which vein to mine by using certain serums. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
    • Pond Dredger
      Haul in catches of freshwater fish and such by pulling up this net situated at the bottom of the inland pond.
      Fishing here is also an option for those who possess the proper equipment. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
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      • Raising The Net
        This and the coastal fishing net can only be hauled in once per Earth day, but both yield more plentiful catches than the other locations. (Added on July 19th, 2013)

    • Coastal Fishing Net
      Haul in catches of saltwater fish and such by pulling up this net situated off the coast of the island.
      Fishing here is also an option for those who possess the proper equipment. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
      Name:  MogGarden3_006.jpg
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      • Raising The Net
        This and the pond dredger can only be hauled in once per Earth day, but both yield more plentiful catches than the other locations. (Added on July 19th, 2013)

    • Flotsam
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      Objects occasionally drift onto Mog Garden shores from across the ocean, and can usually be picked up once per Earth day. (Added on July 19th, 2013)

    • Ranks for the Geographical Features
      Each aspect of every Mog Garden has its own rank, and their appearances change along with the number of times pioneers can gather materials from that location.

      Name:  MogGarden3_008.jpg
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      Pioneers can increase the ranks of these features by speaking to Zenicca* in Western Adoulin (E-9) and purchasing the applicable key items**.

      *Zenicca will only appear if the Pioneers' Coalition is rank four or higher.
      **The applicable key items will not be displayed until after fulfilling certain conditions.

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    • Assistants
      Pioneers can direct these hirelings to tend to numerous aspects of the garden in their stead while they are off advancing the colonization effort.
    • Contracting Assistants
      Pioneers must trade a specific item to the Green Thumb Moogle to contract each assistant, who will work for free for the first seven Earth days, but require a payment of 10,000 gil for each subsequent seven-day period.
    • Kuyin Hathdenna
      This good-natured Mithra kit keeps the furrows tilled and the pond dredger afloat.
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      • Seal the Deal with This Fish
        Name:  MogGarden4_002EN.jpg
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        Outfitting the pond dredger with a certain type of bait allows pioneers to haul in this freshwater fiend. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
      • Furrow Fiats
        • "Harvest a lot of crops."
          Increases furrow bounties.
        • "Look for seeds."
          Keeps her on the lookout for seeds that drop from harvested crops.
      • Dredging Decrees
        • "Catch something."
          Increases the amount of fish caught.
        • "Go after a whopper."
          Increases the likelihood of catching bigger fish.
        • "Aim for a minnow."
          Increases the likelihood of catching smaller fish.
    • Yeestog
      This passionate and loyal Meeble keeps the trees trimmed and the mineral veins flush.
      Name:  MogGarden4_003.jpg
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      • Seal the Deal with This Worm
        Name:  MogGarden4_004EN.jpg
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        Dousing a furrow with a certain type of fertilizer allows pioneers to pull up this dirt-covered delight. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
      • Grove Guidance
        • "Make gathering easier."
          Increases the likelihood of obtaining larger bounties. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
        • "Repair the tools."
          Occasionally grants additional gathering opportunities.
      • Mining Mandates
        • "Make excavating easier."
          Increases the likelihood of excavating more provisions. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
        • "Repair the tools."
          Occasionally grants additional mining opportunities.
    • Susuroon
      This gil-grubbing Qiqirn keep harvests flowing from the furrows and saltwater fish teeming in the coastal net.
      Name:  MogGarden4_005.jpg
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      • Seal the Deal with This Coin
        Name:  MogGarden4_006EN.jpg
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        Outfitting the coastal fishing net with a certain type of bait allows pioneers to pull up this corroded currency. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
      • Furrow Fiats
        • "Harvest a lot of crops."
          Increases furrow bounties.
        • "Grow me something good."
          Increases the likelihood of harvesting rare and wonderful crops.
      • Coastal Commands
        • "Catch something."
          Increases the amount of fish caught.
        • "Go after a whopper."
          Increases the likelihood of catching bigger fish.
        • "Aim for a minnow."
          Increases the likelihood of catching smaller fish.
    • Petting Assistants
      Tired of simply telling your assistants what to do? Show them you care by petting them! This can be done by selecting the appropriate option when talking to them. They truly enjoy the experience, and it makes their day, so pet them early and often!
      *Petting has no effect on assistants' work ethic.
    • Contract Item Addendum
      The various items that enable players to contract assistants will be obtainable even after they employ one. Furthermore, a function is scheduled to be added with the August version update where trading one of those items to the Green Thumb Moogle will enable pioneers to extend the appropriate assistant's contract.
    • Assistant Effects Addendum
      • Assistant aid takes effect on the particular feature with which they are helping when the resources are actually gathered, and not an instant sooner.
      • Assistant effects stack with other assistants' as well as those from bait, serum, and fertilizer.

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    Bait, Serum, and Fertilizer

    • Bait, Serum, and Fertilizer
      Using the above three types of items on their applicable Mog Garden features bestows different boons such as an increase in the amount of items gathered or an increased chance of obtaining more coveted ones. Making use of their effects is as simple as trading them to the appropriate geographical feature.
    • Obtainment
      Name:  MogGarden5_001.jpg
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      Players can exchange bayld for any of these items at the NPC Ceciliotte in Western Adoulin (J-9), who will only appear if the Inventors' Coalition is rank four or higher.
    • Furrow Fertilizer
      Name Effect
      Garden Worm Increases the yield of crops in a furrow.
      Grove Humus Reduces the length of a furrow's grow season.
      Coalition Humus Increases the likelihood of producing strange and wondrous harvests.
      * Other items may also be used when gathering in the fields, groves, waters, and veins of Mog Gardens. (Added on July 19th, 2013)
    • Grove Fertilizer
      Name Effect
      Grove Worm Increases the bounty obtained from a grove.
      Grove Mulch Increases the number of times one can log a grove.
      Grove Cuttings Restricts targeting to the grove trees.
      Entisyrup Restricts targeting to the grove undergrowth.
      Coalition Fertilizer Increases the likelihood that strange and wonderful finds will flourish in a grove.
    • Mineral Vein Serum
      Name Effect
      Stone Serum Increases the yield of a vein when mined.
      Vein Serum Occasionally keeps the number of times a vein can be mined from decreasing.
      Auserum Allows for precious metals to be more easily procured while mining.
      Smelting Serum Allows for metals to be more easily procured while mining.
      Coalition Serum Increases the likelihood that strange and wondrous finds will flourish when mining.
    • Pond Dredger Bait
      Name Effect
      Sardine Sphere Slightly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Bass Sphere Moderately increases the amount of fish caught.
      Shrimp Sphere Greatly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Baitball Vastly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Super Baitball Increases the likelihood of catching strange and wondrous freshwater fish.
    • Coastal Fishing Net Bait
      Name Effect
      Sardine Chum Slightly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Bass Chum Moderately increases the amount of fish caught.
      Shrimp Chum Greatly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Mincemeat Chum Vastly increases the amount of fish caught.
      Coalition Chum Increases the likelihood of catching strange and wondrous saltwater fish.
    • Only one fertilizing item can affect a given geographical feature.
    • Changing the bait, serum, or fertilizer used before gathering will overwrite the boon granted by the current item in use.
    • Except in special cases, boons from these items only come into effect once resources are gathered. They exert absolutely no influence over materials up until the point they are gathered.
    • Bait, serum, and fertilizer boons stack with those granted by assistants.
    • The effect duration of these items' boons depends upon on which feature they are used.
      Field/Pond/Coast: 1 successful gathering
      Grove/Vein: 7 successful gatherings
      *The effect duration of certain items may be adjusted in the future.

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    Monster Rearing

    Name:  MogGarden1_031.jpg
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    Monster Rearing is a new feature of Mog Gardens in which players can raise their own creatures from babe to brute. Revel in the joys of feeding time as you laugh, cry, and bond with your bestial buddies. As they grow, watch them metamorphose into majestic creatures. Adventurers can even receive certain items from their charges, but the beasts will be less willing to part with anything of note should they be dissatisfied with their lot.
    • Eligibility
      • Have all gathering locations be of rank four or higher
      • Have employed the assistant Susuroon at least once
    • Starting Out
      Adventurers who have fulfilled the above conditions can speak to the Green Thumb Moogle to begin a line of quests in which a Qiqirn named Chacharoon will visit their Mog Garden. After the quest line is complete, Chacharoon will serve as the liaison between adventurers and their monsters. Adventurers can even change their parenting style by speaking with him.
      Name:  MogGarden1_032.jpg
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      • Raise a New Creature
        Selecting this option allows adventurers to begin caring for a new bundle of feral joy.
        * All adventurers will begin by raising a sheep, but may choose from two other species of monsters later on. There will be three species from which to choose as of the July version update, with more scheduled to come in future version updates.
        * Adventurers may only receive one new monster per day.
      • Choose a Parenting Style
        There are two types of parenting styles from which to choose, each with their own set of rewards and drawbacks.
        • Personal Growth
          Placing an emphasis on personal growth will allow one's monster to mature without having to feed it, but the beast's temper will also grow worse day by day.
          * All new monsters received will be set to this style by default.
        • Enjoying the Moment
          Emphasizing the idea of stopping and smelling the rolanberries will stunt the monster's growth, but will put it in a much better mood. However, monsters have been known to mature under this style of parenting if they are fed.
      • Part with Your Creature
        Adventurers may part with their monsters in two different ways, but neither allows masters and their charges to reunite.
        • Send It Back Home
          Adventurers who return a monster to its place of birth will be unable to care for it anymore, but will be compensated for their troubles.
        • Put It Down
          Putting a monster down means personally ending its life in order to reap items from its sacrifice.
      • View "Boss's Advice"
        Selecting this option lets adventures pore over the primer on monster rearing penned by Chacharoon's superior.
    • Caring for Monsters
      Adventurers may interact with their creatures in various ways, including petting them and trading items to them as food. Depending on their monster's mood, the items adventurers may reap from them will change, along with—on occasion—provisions that may be gathered from all over the Mog Garden.
      Name:  MogGarden1_033.jpg
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Size:  54.7 KBName:  MogGarden1_034.jpg
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Size:  48.5 KBName:  MogGarden1_035.jpg
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Size:  45.9 KB
      • See How the Critter's Doing
        Choosing this option allows adventurers to gain insight into their creature's mood.
      • Interact with the Beast
        Adventurers may only interact with their monsters once a day (Earth time). There is also no guarantee that interacting with a beast will improve its mood; it could very well have the opposite effect!
      • Give the Creature a Name
        Adventurers may change the name of their monsters as many times as they wish.
      • Collect Items
        Procuring items from monsters, while possible, will put them in a less pleasant mood than before and can be done only once per Earth day.
      • Feeding Monsters
        The following items can be traded to monsters as feed. By feeding a critter, adventurers can help it mature even faster and improve its mood. Furthermore, once one's beast reaches a certain level of maturity, feeding it special items will cause it to change in appearance.
        Blue Peas / Millioncorn / Ronfaure Chestnut / Moko Grass / Boyahda Moss* / Ahriman Tears / Fiend Blood / Beastman Blood / Great Boyahda Moss / Red Moko Grass / Pine Nuts / Deluxe Carrot / Potion / Holy Water / Mulsum / Hare Meat / Bastore Sardine / Faerie Apple / La Theine Cabbage / Batagreens / San d'Orian Carrot / Yagudo Cherry / Acorn / Sunflower Seeds / Distilled Water / Moon Carrot / Napa* / Vomp Carrot / Zegham Carrot
        * This item will cause sheep to evolve in appearance if fed to them once they have reached the requisite level of maturity. Adventurers will have to find out on their own which items evolve other species.

        Name:  MogGarden1_036.jpg
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    • The Highs and the Lows of Parenting
      • Beaming with Pure Contentment
        This expression indicates that an adventurer's critter is in the happiest of moods, meaning that its day cannot be ruined by either collecting items from it or interacting with it in the wrong way. However, choosing the correct form of interaction while the creature is in this state will reward one with shining stars. Retrieving an item from the creature, interacting with it, or returning to the Mog Garden after Japanese midnight has passed will remove this status.
      • Succumbing to Darkness
        A monster in this state unleash all of its anger upon its master's Mog Garden, rendering it absolutely barren, except for flotsom. The only ways to cure the land of this problem are to either use moogle magic in hopes of quelling the beast's rage or to put it down. Furthermore, each use of moogle magic to quell beasts that succumb to darkness will cost more shining stars than the last.

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    Chacharoon’s Cheer

    • What is Chacharoon's Cheer?
      Chacharoon's Cheer is a new system courtesy of the eponymous Qiqirn that provides a variety of bonuses to players using mementos gained from monsters raised in the Mog Gardens.
      These bonuses have a variety of effects that can aid adventurers during their forays throughout the world of Vana'diel.
      Name:  1247_01.jpg
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Size:  33.8 KBName:  1247_02EN.jpg
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      * Players must have completed the quest "Chacharoon's Cheer" to receive these effects. This quest will activate upon zoning into the Mog Gardens once players have reached a Monster Rearing rank of two.
      • Monster Mementos
        When caring for a monster in the Mog Gardens (petting, receiving items, or feeding), playershave a chance to receive a memento from that monster. Mementos increase the types of effects available from Chacharoon's cheer and add new items to purchase from the Green Thumb Moogle.
        * Monsters must have grown to a certain extent in order to receive mementos from them.
        * Acquired mementos will never be consumed or disappear.

        * Monsters of the same family may provide different mementos based on how much they have grown.
        * Players will receive a lamb memento key item at the start of the Monster Rearing tutorial event. Those who have already completed this event will receive the key item upon entering their Mog Garden.
      • Selecting which Effects to Receive
        Speaking with Chacharoon and selecting "Discuss a cheering effect" will enable a player to choose which cheer they would like to activate.
        Only one cheer can be in effect at a given time, but it is possible to change the effect in exchange for a particular sum of shining stars. The effect currently active will be displayed in the temporary key items list.
        * The amount of stars required to change cheers varies on the desired new effect.
        * These effects can also be removed by speaking with Chacharoon and choosing the relevant option.