Alter egos may be called forth in the following content as of October 11, 2016.
* This list is scheduled to be expanded in future version updates.
* Items which have been recently added are marked as [NEW].

  • Battle Content
    Campaign battles, colonization reives, lair reives, wildskeeper reives, Skirmishes,
    Alluvion Skirmishes, Walk of Echoes, Wanted combat, Voidwatch, Geas Fete,
    Delve, Incursion, Vagary, Abyssea, Legion, Sinister Reign, Dynamis
    • Battlefields that require macrocosmic orbs, microcosmic orbs, or phantom quartzes
    • Campaign Ops
      Splitting Heirs / Cracking Shells / Plucking Wings / Fiat Lux
    • Certain battlefields
      The Buried God / The Blood-bathed Crown / A Malicious Manifest
  • All mission battlefields in the three nations, Rise of the Zilart, Chains or Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, Wings of the Goddess, Seekers of Adoulin, A Crystalline Prophecy - Ode of Life Bestowing, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses and A Shantotto Ascension - The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born.
  • All quest battlefields in the Wings of the Goddess missions
  • Wings of the Goddess mission battlefields
    Champion of the Dawn / The Dawn Also Rises / A Forbidden Reunion
  • Limit break quests
    Shattering Stars / The Beast Within / Breaking the Bonds of Fate /
    Achieving True Power / A Furious Finale / Survivor of the Wisest /
    Elementary, My Dear Sylvie / Endeavoring to Awaken
  • Certain quest battlefields
    Beyond Infinity / Apocalypse Nigh / Pentacide Perpetrator / Storms of Fate
  • Artifact quests
    A Thief in Norg!? [NEW] / The Puppet Master [NEW] / Carbuncle Debacle [NEW] / Class Reunion [NEW] /
    Omens [NEW] / Against All Odds [NEW] / Puppetmaster Blues [NEW] / Seeing Blood-red [NEW]