• The following jobs will undergo adjustments.
    • Summoner
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      • New blood pacts will be added.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Pacifying Ruby (Lv.99)
          Reduces Enmity of target party member.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Conflagration Strike (Lv.99)
          Deals fire elemental damage. Additional effect: Burn.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Crag Throw (Lv.99)
          Delivers a ranged attack that slows target.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Soothing Current (Lv.99)
          Increases potency of cure effects received for party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Hastega II (Lv.99)
          Gives party members within area of effect the effect of “Haste.”
        • Blood Pact: Ward: Crystalline Blessing (Lv.99)
          Confers a TP bonus on party members within area of effect.
        • Blood Pact: Rage: Volt Strike (Lv.99)
          Delivers a threefold attack that stuns target.
    • Blue Mage
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      • New blue magic spells are learnable.
        • Molting Plumage (Lv.99 Recast time: 25 sec.)
          Deals wind elemental damage in a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
        • Nectarous Deluge (Lv.99 Recast time: 45 sec.)
          Deals water elemental damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Poison.
        • Sweeping Gouge (Lv.99 Recast time: 120 sec.)
          Delivers a twofold attack. Additional Effect: Decreases defense. Additional effect duration varies with TP. (Corrected on Nov 27, 2014)
        • Atramentous Libations (Lv.99 Recast time: 180 sec.)
          Steals HP from enemies within range. Ineffective against undead.
    • Puppetmaster
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      • The animations and animation lock for maneuvers will be removed.
      • The harlequin frame and stormwaker frame weapon attributes will be changed from hand-to-hand to blunt.
  • Weapon skills will undergo the following adjustments.
    • The potency of the following weapon skills will be increased.
      Dancing Edge / Shark Bite / Evisceration / Mercy Stroke / Mordant Rime /
      Pyrrhic Kleos / Rudra's Storm / Vorpal Blade / Savage Blade /
      Knights of Round / Death Blossom / Expiacion / Rampage / Calamity /
      Mistral Axe / Decimation / Onslaught / Bora Axe / Ruinator / Blade: Jin /
      Blade : Ku / Blade: Metsu / Blade: Kamu / Blade : Hi / Blade: Shun /
      True Strike / Judgement / Hexastrike / Black Halo / Randgrith /
      Realmrazer / Exenterator / Chant du Cygne
    • The TP Bonuses for the following weapons will be increased.
      Mandalic Stab / Rudra’s Storm / Savage Blade / Expiacion / Calamity /
      Mistral Axe / Blade: Ten / Judgement / Black Halo / Mystic Boon
    • Bonuses for the following weapon skills that only applied at initial ranks will now be applied to all ranks.
      Dancing Edge / Evisceration / Pyrrhic Kleos / Vorpal Blade / Swift Blade /
      Rampage / Decimation / Blade: Jin / Blade: Ku / Hexastrike / Exenterator /
      Chant du Cygne
  • The maximum accuracy of one-handed weapons equipped as the main weapon will be increased from 95% to 99%.
  • The maximum accuracy of familiars summoned with Call Beast, wyverns, avatars, and automatons will be increased from 95% to 99%.
  • New food that increases both player and familiar accuracy will be added.
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