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    DEV Suggestion to make adjustments to CE and VE - Quality of Life

    This post is around the premise that you desire to see a traditional 'tank' in FFXI. If you do not agree with that premise, this post will just annoy you and it's best to just move on and ignore it. lol

    Back in the day the -60VE/sec decay functioned much more effectively than today and a significant adjustment needs put into place to regain the 'function' of a tank role if SE still finds importance in such a role?

    Enmity as it stands, as I understand it (and paraphrased from the bg-wiki):

    Cumulative Enmity (CE) is generated when doing damage or using almost any spell or ability until a player has reached the cap of 10,000CE.

    Volatile Enmity (VE) is generated when doing damage or using some spells and abilities to a cap of 10,000VE

    Total Enmity (TE) is simply a sum of the player's Cumulative Enmity and Volatile Enmity. The cap on total enmity is 20,000. A monster with hate will target the player on the hate list with the highest total enmity.

    Adjustment suggestions:

    1) Change the current -60VE/second decay to -1000VE/second for all jobs except PLD, RUN and NIN.

    2) Add a decay (currently there isn't a decay) to CE matching the level of adjustment on VE. -1000CE/second.

    3) Perhaps most critically: Adjust the CE and VE caps on PLD and NIN to 15,000 each where these two tanking jobs could increase their odds of maintaining enmity control over the tanked mob in question.

    4) I would also like a JA to be created for PLD and RUN that works in the complete opposite of Enmity Douse, perhaps called Enmity Engulf, which would max TE at my suggested 30,000 so a PLD or RUN could initiate a fight with maximum CE/VE, perhaps as a new 1-hour ability to be used on higher tier fights.

    There's no question to the fact this old topic has stirred heated debates for years but no effective adjustments have been made to really rectify these issues.


    Camate - Thank you for being so active in the forums so I ask you specifically - Are there any thoughts on the future of tanking/enmity that the DEV team are looking into that you can share or even hint at?


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