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    Why paladin needs updating mnk vs pld

    As people have said PLDs problem is other jobs now tank better there is a reson for this.

    MNK, and WAR were SEs first attempts at tank jobs shortly followed by PLD and SAM. For this reson WAR, MNK and SAM all have tanking triats or job abilities, as the players used PLD as the only tank and the player base used MNK, WAR and SAM as DD jobs SE gave these jobs updates to boost there DD capabilities.

    As the game has progressed they all recived more and more DD boosts to there current state where they can do alot of damage, hold hate yet still suvive
    .Lets compare there abilites to DD and tank.


    Tanking traits and abilities

    Dodge - increased eva
    Chakra - recovers HP
    Mantra - increaced HP for a short period
    Counterstance - increaces couner rate
    Prefect counter - counters the next 3 attacks
    Subtle Blow IV - reduces the TP you feed a enemy therefore reduces the TP moves performed on you
    counter - when conter procs you take no damage and do more damage to the enemy
    Max HP boost- very high HP to help you stay alive
    guard - allows you to perform a block against a enemys hits and even on TP moves
    Tactical guard- you gain TP from guarding
    Invigorate - you gain a Regen effect when using Chakra of 10 HP per tic
    Dodge, Chakra and conter merits- further increasing MNKs tanking abilities
    Evasion skill of B+
    guard skill of A-

    DD traits and job abilities
    Hundred Fists- deals huge amounts of damage
    Boost- increases your att for the next move (stacks)
    Focus- increases acc
    Chi Blast- deals damage to the enemy
    Footwork- deals high damage with kick attacks
    Impetus-Enhances attack and critical hit rate with each successive melee attack you land
    Counter and perfect counter- Ive included this in DD as it deals damage in the place of taking damage
    Martial Arts VII- lowers the delay on attacks therfore increces damage output
    Skillchain Bonus- increases damage done through skill chains
    A+ on hand to hand skill


    Tanking traits and abilities

    Invincible- 30 sec imunity to phisical damage
    sentinel- Reduces physical damage taken and increases enmity for 30sec
    cover - allows you to take damage for a player behind you for 15-30sec
    Rampart - grants magic and phsical defence for 30sec
    fealty- Grants resistance to enfeebling magic for 60 sec
    Chivalry - converts TP to MP
    Defence bonus - increases defence
    Shield - allows you to block damage for phisical hits
    Shield Mastery - gains TP from sucseful shield blocks
    Guardian- reduced enimity loss when using sentinel
    Iron will- Adds a spell interruption down effect to Rampart
    Shield Defense Bonus - icreases damage absorbed by a shield block
    Critical Defense Bonus lowers enemy critical hit damage

    Cures- ability to restor HP
    Phlanx- Icreaces defence
    Flash- blinds a target for a short period and gains enimity
    Shell and protect
    Reprisal - increases shield block rate and reflects a small amount back
    Shield skill of A+
    Eva and parry C+

    DD traits and job abilities
    Enlight- adds light elemental damage to attacks and increases acc
    Shield bash- deals a small amount of damage and stuns the enemy
    A+ in sword

    So to conclude
    Eva MNK>PLD
    Guard vs shield MNK>PLD (mnk can still guard while asleep, stuned or terrored. PLd cant shield block when under these status)
    Counter Vs parry MNK>PLD ( counter procs more and deals damage)
    Subtle blow MNK>PLD ( mnk feeds less TP so takes less damage from TP moves)
    PLD wins out right on short term abilities to suvive having sentinel, invincible, rampart, fealty but these abilities last for 30sec with huge recasts meaning can not be counted upon as they can not be used when needed most of the time
    cures and buffs PLD>MNK but all of these cures and buffs can be given to mnk by another player giving it a hollow victory
    DD MNK>PLD A knock out clear win by mnk

    In short PLD needs huge DD boosts to become a relevent tank and as u can see by comparison saying PLD would be to over powered by boosting its DD capabilities MNK is allready and DD and tank rolled into one job.
    SE made MNK a better tank by giving it both tanking and damage dealing abilities and left PLD behind by just boosting its abilities to stay alive.

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    First why create yet another post about PLD vs. DD, let alone one that is specifically about PLD vs. MNK when there is one already titled similarly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Humie View Post
    Eva MNK>PLD
    If you think this is how MNK tank works you're quite mistaken as the higher your evade rate the lower your counter rate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Humie View Post
    Guard vs shield MNK>PLD (mnk can still guard while asleep, stuned or terrored. PLd cant shield block when under these status)
    Never seen this happen while tanking or with my friend tanking on MNK.

    Quote Originally Posted by Humie View Post
    cures and buffs PLD>MNK but all of these cures and buffs can be given to mnk by another player giving it a hollow victory
    In a pinch Cures from the PLD are nice but otherwise a waste when compared to the cost to DPS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Humie View Post
    DD MNK>PLD A knock out clear win by mnk
    The only point that matters in your post and it has been stated several times over in the various posts on the same topic...

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    Guard is near worthless. I severely doubt you can guard while asleep/stunned/terrored, seeing as how no defensive skill bar-evasion will proc. That's if you can get Guard to proc in the first place.... I evade more with my C evasion on PLD than a MNK guards.

    Blocking negates spell interruption, guarding does not.

    Blocking negates more dmg than guard.

    Blocking grants more TP than guarding via Shield Mastery.

    Even without including something like Ochain or reprisal into your little equation, Shield > Guard.

    Also: Perfect Counter only counters 1 attack, not 3.