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    Menu Bug when targeting a player seeking a party

    Platform: PC, Windows 8

    ISP: Comcast

    Type of Internet Connection: Cable

    Internet Connection Speed: 25 mbps

    Date & Time: 12:03 AM CDT, Oct. 21st, 2014

    Frequency: Always

    Character Name: Merric

    Race: Tarutaru M

    World: Siren

    Main Job: Ninja

    Support Job: Warrior

    Area and Coordinates: Abyssea - La Theine (L-8)

    Party or Solo: Party

    NPC Name: N/A

    Monster Name: N/A


    1. Target a character with their "seek party" flag up

    2. Press confirm to open the menu box on the left that shows Tell, Magic, Abilities, Check, Invite etc..

    3. Instead of the smaller menu that usually should show, a larger menu box opens a little bit further toward the center of the chat log, with the list of options being transparent dropping down into the chat log and overlapping with text. Judging by the line diagram in the menu box, looks like it may be the sub-menu from pressing right on the Tell option. When you press up or down to scroll through the options this seems to correct it to normal.

    Had other friends having this problem too.
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