Frequency: always
Area and Coordinates: Whitegate G-5
NPC Name: Gathweeda, Wahraga
1. Have at least one Qutrub Bandage in inventory
2. Talk to either of the above NPCs between 8:00 and 23:00
3. Select "Buy"
4. Note that no Qutrub Bandages are for sale (i.e. none in stock)
5. Cancel, select "Sell" instead.
6. Scroll down to the Qutrub Bandage listing
Third page, second from the bottom, right above Imp Wings, listed for 37 G
7. The listing will be white, because of step 1. Select it.
8. Note that the Qutrub Bandage(s) in your inventory are grayed out, unsalable.
Recall step 4