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Thread: Auto Regain

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    Sapphire yeah I believe you are 100% correct about Ja Delay while DNC incurr a steps. It slow them down and they lose a few second of melee. This has been one of DNC biggest problem for a long time now and many DNC i see do not bother to land a steps but just melee. Maybe this is an issue and they probably fix it in the future I hope.

    What does everyone think is better? =)

    A: Remove JA delay while DNC incurr a steps.
    B: Leave it the way it is but when someone land a steps they get TP instead of losing TP.
    I would have to say b, not because I prefer it but because they just lowered the steps recast, thus INCREASING JA delay, assuming we actually use them of course. Given that I have to assume the increase was intentional, not an unintended consequence. they COULD do as you said with a gain of TP, they could also-as they did with pup-get rid of the animation portion of the delay, not a perfect fix, but it would be something. I mean, I was never worried about 3 seconds delay per minute to do manuvers on a pup, but come on, if we max out steps-assuming the animation lock's removal that is still 12 seconds per minute lost from melee, 20% of our DPS, and that's not including time lost tossing a waltz or whatever.

    I just brushed the dust off my dancer the other night, aside from soloing I just can't see it having enough utility with that delay anymore, although that is colored by my having job alternatives. if it were my only 99 in top flight gear and maxed capacity points, etc. no doubt I'd be on here singing its praises as a powerhouse utility job in the hopes of convincing someone to invite me to an end-game whatever.

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    Yea the step animation cost so much damage. Also if we got rid of this animation it would make dnc viable in support again. The only reason I don't use steps a lot is cause loss of dps from the animation.

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