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    Incorrect character model in WotG mission cutscene Maiden of the Dusk pt. 2

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    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Lady Lilith
    Monster Name: None
    1. Start the cutscene for Maiden of the Dusk pt. 2. It does not matter if it's from clicking the Ornate Gate or Goblin Footprints.
    2. Lady Lilith casts a spell to contain Cait Sith. Cait Sith says "M-meow!?"
    3. Starting with the line after that ("Foul servant of the Goddess. You shall bear witness to the final moments of your beloved Champions of the Dawn."), Lady Lilith's bat wings shrink into her back and disappear.
    4. They reappear when she is next seen several lines later.
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