Aoidos's set bonus grants an attribute bonus to party members within range depending on the elemental property of the spell being cast, depending on how many pieces of Aoidos +2 equipped. Songs which are aligned to the Dark Element(Light Carol and Light Carol II) are the only Dark Based songs available for BRD, so I was wondering if it would be possible to change Mage's Ballad songs to be Dark based?

The rationale is that without Aoidos gear equipped, it would raise players Max MP slightly while giving them refresh, as opposed to what it does now as Light Based songs which is raise CHR(very pointless/useless). Since MP is usually associated with the 'Dark Element' (e.g Dark Rings, Diabolos's Favor, Dark Staff), I think it would 'fit' the theme of Mage's Ballad being a dark based song(whereas Paeons would be Light based, which makes sense for Regens), Giving recipients of Ballads a moderate MP boost on conjunction with Aoidos +2 equipment would be a neat little boon for BRDs.