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    Are there any plans to remove the 20% Attack Penalty that Drakesbane has? It's almost a pointless weapon skill to use except for DRGs with Ryunohige, and even they only use it for Aftermath because the 20% attack makes it inferior to Camlann's Torment and Stardiver in almost every situation. DRG does not have Critical Attack Bonus or very much gear to boost Critical Hit rate, that being said Drakesbane is only good when fighting targets that have low defense, and in situations where DRG is receiving a lot of Critical Hit Bonus like Rogue's Roll or in Abyssea. Otherwise it's far to inconsistent(has a very low critical hit rate at 1000 TP compared to Victory Smite or Chant du Cygne. It was one of the few weapon skills to not receive any adjustments a few months ago and I think it may deserve to be looked at again? Perhaps reducing the attack penalty to 5% like Resolution, would be better?
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