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    Flux 4 in Walk of Echoes spawns both NQ and 119 monsters at the same time

    Platform: Windows PC running Windows 7 64 bit

    ISP: Telus

    Type of Internet Connection: DSL

    Internet Connection Speed: no idea, sorry

    Date & Time: around 11:30 PM Pacific on September 11, 2014

    Frequency: This only happened to me once but it was also reported on a forum here:

    "#4 spawned as both Surge and NQ on my server. The Khims are standing inside one antoher, NQ and HQ. Thing says it's a non-surged walk.

    Finally killed the NQ mobs and the HQ ones despawned."

    Character Name: Olor

    Race: Hume F

    World: Asura

    Main Job: BST

    Support Job: DNC

    Area and Coordinates: Flux 4, Walk of Echoes

    Party or Solo: Party, 4 members I think

    NPC Name: None

    Monster Name: Harpeia

    Steps: Flux 4 was listed as "100%" so we decided to enter and battle it so we could trigger a surge. My party member entered first, I was going to the bathroom. I came back and they were dead. I entered and there were Khimaira right on top of each other. I sent my pet to engage and the one I had engaged absolutely wrecked my pet - it was clearly the level 119.

    We killed the easier one then the flux gave the announcement of being "endowed," giving us a number of items. There were only a few of us in the flux, we managed to take down one of the harder Khims but then it didn't drop any temp items. When we killed some of the easier ones and they dropped temps, but all of the harder ones did not drop temps. We eventually gave up and zoned out.

    We went in again a couple hours later. The flux had reset but had not surged yet (so no one else had done it). This time the 119 did not spawn on top of the NQ mobs.

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    This just happened to me in flux #13. It wasn't a surged flux (empty star and 0%). I took care of two of the harpeia NMs without issue, and when I started fighting Ligeia, the high-level version of Ligeia appeared behind me. Two of the same NM were present, both the normal and surged versions.

    As I made my way back to the entrance, I noticed that the other two high-level harpeia had appeared as well. This was within ten minutes of entering a normal flux.

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    This happened to me on #4 on the 11th, at around 9:20 AM Eastern, on the Quetz server.

    Once the Normal versions were cleared, the Surge versions despawned and the walk was considered a win.

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