Type of Internet Connection: Cable
Internet Connection Speed: 30mbps
Date & Time: Several times over the last few days
Frequency: Alot
Character Name: Dasva
Race: Taru
World: Bahamut
Class/Skill Rank: Run
Area and Coordinates: Abyssea uleguerand range
Party or Solo: Both
NPC Name: None
Monster Name: Worms
In-Game Time: ~2200 pst 10 sep 2014
1. Without merits vallation/vallaince gives 15% dmg reduction to the element of the runes active when it's activated for each rune. So 3 runes of same element is 45% reductions

2. 99 Worms in Abyssea uleguerand range have +40 mab since they are blms and run with no gear has +22 mdb

3. So I went to Abyssea uleguerand range and leveld up worms until they were 99 and let them cast spells on me

4. Stonega 3 did 549

5. With fully merited 3 rune vallation it did 274.

6. 549/274= .49908 therefore the reduction was only 50% which means each merit added another 1% reduction with 3 runes

7. Merits say "add an elemental damage reduction to vallation and an elemental damage reduction to valiance of 1 point per harbored rune but as noted we are only getting 1 per 3 runes harbored or 1/3 per rune.