1. I really would like more options for armor set storage, either via the armor set storer NPC's or the porter moogle.
I'm thinking specifically about the crafted and farmed sets, so not the AF,Empty, Relic, etc...

I think it would be interesting to have additional storage categories:

* armor sets below level~20: e.g. beetle armor set, lizard armor set, etc...
* armor sets level 50~59: e.g. beak jerkin armor set, etc...
* armor sets level 60~69
* armor sets level 70~79: e.g. plastron armor set, Yasha Samue set, etc...

2a. Add possibility to store HQ versions of crafted armor sets
2b. Add possibility to store augmented pieces of armor

At this moment I think it is discouraging for crafters to craft complete HQ armor sets as the armor sets cannot be stored anymore.
For the same reason it is very discouraging for synergists that augmented armor pieces become non-storable.

I think these changes would benefit many players, crafters as well as non-crafters.

Any feedback would be welcome! ty!

Amarylis - THF/BLM Asura