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    Drain/Aspir/Haste Sambas

    Some of our Samba's are greatly outdated mainly being Aspir and Drain Samba:O be honest when was the last time you used these 2 in or out of a pty?

    In my opinion its been way overdue. i know i am comparing other jobs such as SMN here but they were in the same boat as us using lv70 BP and 99 because they didn't get new physical versions at 99 but the dev team as mention to adding new BP eventually so at least they can hope, Dnc on the other hand besides some vague step adjustments there doesn't seem to be any plans of adding a new Tier of Sambas i figured why not address the same issue on another job i love playing with.

    Drain Samba III learned at 65.... that was 34 levels without a single upgrade just sad..
    Aspir Samba II learn at lv 60 that was 39 levels ago.... both of these greatly under perform as it is.

    Giving us a new Tier should not be game breaking seeing we would only be using Drain Samba IV under certain circumstances due to many of us prioritizing Haste Samba.
    Further more SMN has Endrain and that is AOE and not only heals a huge amount per hit it also deals damage so why is it so hard to give DNC's a new and certainly needed adjustment its not like our Samba'a deal extra damage so how is that game breaking or overpowering?

    Drain Samba IV would be a nice addition to our " Support Role Status "
    Aspir Samba III maybe this one will be useful......
    Haste Samba II 10% + max merit = 15% thats what a regular WHM Haste spell does atm

    RDM has haste II 30% if i recall right
    PUP Automaton's Haste II 30%
    Geo Gives approximately 28% Haste and increases by ~1% per +1 Geomancy.
    Blu 30% Erratic Flutter

    Soooo why cant Dancer get a mere 15% with max merits on Haste Samba II? and thats assuming you 5/5 on merits ability alone would be only 10%

    If don's want to add a whole new ability then at least give us a samba potency JP category even thou ability is preferred to hours/weeks of painful grinding just to get it max out but at least it be something.
    just some food for thought.
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