A lot of NMs lately take severely reduced damage to piercing, yet, very few NMs have the same resistance to slashing or blunt. Wopket takes -99% damage to Piercing, as a DRG I hit him for single digits and there's no way to remove that defense. No other Delve Boss NM has such a high damage immunity to slashing or blunt, it's kind of unfair to THF DRG DNC. Other Delve NMs have phases where they switch damage weakness but it's always like +/- 25%, not 99%. Dakuwaqa goes through phases where Blunt/Slashing/Piercing all do reduced damage but it's never such a high resistance as Wopket's. I'm not saying nerf Wopket but at least be balanced with NM resistances. If you create one NM that's extremely immune to piercing that's fine if there are other times where other NMs are extremely immune to other physical damage types. It's simply creating a more narrow pool of NMs that people bring piercing jobs to.

Samurai and Monks are highly sought after as damage dealers in Adoulin because they do high damage to basically everything. Maybe it's time to start making NMs that take -99% damage to blunt, magic, or slashing, ranged so other jobs can be wanted. Skirmish has many Skeletons/Narakas/Axuexes which take poor damage vs piercing but I don't think there are any mobs of significant in Delve or Skirmish that take severely reduced damage to exclusively slashing or blunt, why? Why are there more mobs that resist piercing than slashing or blunt?