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    CoP 7-4 Calm before the storm - Carpenters Landing ??? won't spawn.

    I'm not posting my job level or internet speed, because that's not going to help.

    The reason this is failing is because of the order in which the NMs are spawned. I've spoken to 10+ people who are also stuck, and the Tonberry Executor(I-9 : ???) was the last nm out of three that had to be spawned in completing their missions also.

    If you chose to do this nm first(or second), then it would work correctly, the code just isn't robust enough in handling the different variations in which the player chooses to go to either -

    • M.Coast - ???
    • Bibiki Bay - ???
    • Carpenters Landing - ??? resulting in "Now isn't the time for that!" when you click it.

    ^ that was the order I have done it in, and I'm now at a dead end and have no way in going any further which has severely limited my game play, and gear progression as I can't unlock Sea or get my ring.

    Please get this sorted ASAP, I've spoke to GMs and they insist I make another post, or create an option to abandon missions and restart them so we can find work-arounds for you. Or at the very least give me, and everyone else who went through 60+ missions, confirmation that this is getting looked at, so we're not wasting our time.

    I've seen posts from March 2013 who have got stuck with this, and that's got me worried that it's not getting looked into.

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