This is a simple request for the call wyvern timer to be reduced. As no matter what type of drg you play i am sure you argee that the wyvern matters. I want the timer fixed to about 5min or a JA that pulls out the wyvern in a weakend state (possibly with the offset of cant use spirit link)

Now before you all get on your back in the day high horse remeber that day has past. You no longer grind to level 10 and prey that you get a dunes party... there are many examples of this that i could give but this is not the point of my post. The point is that making the wyverns def more in line with the 119 gear cap and such makes sence even if its only a passive trait that is recived at level 99 drg. I am glad to see this however it needs to go further, much further.

As the timer for call wyvern is a bit of a joke by today's gaming standard. Think about it what can a drg do even better with a lower call wyvern timer, not much to be honest. So why ask for it to be lower? Simple without the wyvern a drg just dosent work as well as a stright DD or as a /mage

All the new gear boosts jump, high jump and the EMN that the drg has gathered (or the folks behind them in Sp.Surge) but the fact is simple when have you as a drg or seen a drg use anything other than Spirit and soul jumps? you dont not really. The reason for this is TP, the wyvern gives more TP per jump, with the emp gear they get even more tp.

So simple dd maths here...

More tp = more damage = more hate = cant hit super jump fast enough = dead drg = dead wyvern

not too bad you can just recall right, sure but thats just this time. If you happen to do that more than once and it can and does happen in the newer areas hell even walk of echos is a great spot to murder my blue flying buddy. It gets old and foces me to come off of DRG and play another job that isnt playing chicken with a 20 min timer.

This might seam like an unfair way of looking at it but if a SAM had to wait 10 or 20 min for hasso the forums would crash lol, but that's just it, the wyvern is that important to playing a drg. Theres alot of drg out there that don't fully get how the pets HP and TP works and couldn't care less if there pet dies, and for them i say thats fine for them. However when your wyvern is busting out 1.3k healing breaths left right and center keeping your party alive and your putting still the damage too, 20 min wait is far too much.

heres a pet timer in all other jobs that use pets

Bst ~ 15 second to 5 min depending on charm or call beast
pup 1 min to 20 min (and the 20 min catagory can be merited down)
SMN a matter of seconds

All i am asking for is a level playing field that when i get up and get killed or charmed or whatever that i don't need to wait 20 min to play again, or be forced to swap to a different job. What i would like to see is the timer droped to 5 min as that would let DRG rock out thier job. Hell even if they give us an overload sort of new JA that would be fine to. But please SE this issue needs addressed it has went on for far too long.

If you seen a pup w/o a puppet it would make you think why? Why have they not just called the puppet in a weak state. Sure you got to cure them but you got your BLM/Tank/Whm/RNG/DD >the list goes on< back and your doing your job then they say something like nahh going to wait 20 min because its going to be weak is just stupid.

But here SE thinks thats ok for DRG, i dont think its ok for drg at all. We should have something that lets us call our pets back at a rate thats on par with other jobs on the pet classes.

Sorry for my lack of spelling and such and ty for taking the time to read my post.

Please feel free to add to this