Hello my name is Christopher "Tossme". I have decided to come back to FFXI after a 1 year break. I am 30 years old and work regular work hours 9-5 monday to friday EST. I am looking for a small friendly group of people to play with and possible teach me some of the new content that i still find confusing. I have dabbled in a bit of abbysea but i wouldn't say i know much about it. Also i own the new seekers xpac but i have no clue about whats going on with that place . My character in game has these level 99 currectly BST,BRD,WHM,BLM,PLD,DNC,SCH. I would be willing to level another job up to 99 if it would mean that i would be involved in more group activities. I am a very consistant player and can be relied on to assist in any function once i get to know people. If i seem to be the type of person that you might be able to befriend and enjoy this game with please drop me a line. Thanks to everyone that views this and i hope there is that someone that will take the time to mentor me back into this game and in turn i will be, their "go-to-guy" for help and assistance.