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Thread: Few Adjustments

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    Few Adjustments

    - Raise the enmity cap for PLD and NIN and lower WHM one

    - Add wardrobe specific for job item linked with macro book, (by this way you only load the current macro book item and not the other 19 slot. that improve by 20x80 slot the space for item without waste time and memory for many inventory loading after zoning.
    that give us 1600 space without take more time to load)

    exemple if i play my monk, i use my mamcro book 02 and all item inside the macro book wardobe item can be used for my monk, but all the equipment stored inside the macro book 7 (pld) didn't load cause i didn't use this macro book.

    - Load "Satchel" "Sack" "Mog case" "Wardrobe" First when we zone before loading "Mog safe" "Mog Storage" "Mog locker" for enhance the ladding time after zoning
    (by this way we can reduce the loading time of accesible items)

    - Give us more infi in /checkparam !
    enmity, recast, cure potency, magic accu, PDT, MDT, haste ect ...!!!

    - give us a training monster for make some equipment test.

    - Fix the deconnection problem in solo salvage (if you connection crash durring u'r solo salvage when you login back, the game kick you outside)

    - Add command /lasttrust for call back the last trust set

    -Add Shield skill on Aegis and Ochain (because i'm borred to more parring than shield block)

    I plays PLD since beta version of the game, and i'm bored, cause i'm totally useless, i can't hold the monster aggro on me so please change enmity cap, not the way to build.
    /cheer Camate if you try to raise the enmity cap for us

    Camate say:
    While we will not be making adjustments to Crusade, we will be increasing the cap for the amount of enmity effect that can be gained by equipment and other avenues in the next version update.

    With this, you’ll be able to attain an even higher amount of enmity when combining Crusade and equipment with “enmity +” on it making it possible for paladin to maintain enmity on their target.

    i love you
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    This is feedback for the website, a lot of these have already been explained too.

    /checkparam can not give accurate information about magic accuracy as it is calculated differently on a per spell basis and also has some dSTAT calculations (+1 stat = 1macc until dSTAT > 10~15 where it's +0.5). It's just unfeasible to calculate macc.

    I guess the others should be exposed, I wouldn't mind seeing how much haste we currently have (Factored in from Spells and Abilities too) but the others are something that aren't hard to calculate on your own

    Anyway, wrong place to put this.

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    I was able to gather some responses to a few of your questions.
    • Removal from battlefields when disconnecting solo
      This is a feature that is shared amongst all of the instanced areas. In order to address this we would have to reconstruct the core system for instances and as such this is not something we can easily do.

      The development team is prioritizing the creation of new content and other adjustments, and they do not have any plans at the moment to change the rules or mechanics of content where we’ve eliminated the participation requirements.

    • Enmity cap increase
      I’ve made a post earlier today about our plans for enmity adjustment, so please be sure to check it out.

    • /checkparam command
      In the event we were to address every stat in the game for /checkparam it would churn out a very lengthy log message, so we will not be able to address every single one of them. However, the system was made so we could display more stats, so if there are some you feel particularly strong about, please let us know and we can look into adding them.
    Devin "Camate" Casadey - Community Team