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There's a similar theme across the board with all weapons/accessories at the moment. The release of the 119 AF Harp and Shield closing the gap to Daurdabla and Ochain, Eminent Flute closing the gap to Gjallarhorn, Aettir to RUN Mythic.

And we could say the same about any of these, if another weapon/accessory was released between the 2 it reduces the bonus of having the emp/relic/mythic/ergon, for example, if an 'all songs +3' instrument was released.

This is, without a doubt, THE BEST REPLY EVER on these forums, and I might have to stick it in my signature now lol!
i dont think this can be compared to shield or harp, this is a direct slap into the face of GEO. Shield/Harp still take up the same slot like the empy/relic counterparts. Idris and Dunno do not take up the same slot, a BRD or PLD can still have their empy/relic shield/instrument equiped and then use a mythic in their mainhand! as a GEO? equuip Idris in mainhand and invalidate your ammo slot with dunno, not to mention you are hurting your nukes due to the lower magic dmg Idris offers compared to staves.

This is totally inacceptable, they should stack! Unless SE plans to release a new handbell that greatly offers different boosts in combination with geo mythic