I myself have not been a victim of this individual, but I have seen enough people fall into this person's gil trap.

Cappie will place the single versions of dynamis currency in his/her bazaar for the prices that the Fenrir Community would pay for the 100 denominations of those currencies.

Although this is a classic case of "buyer beware", it's gone on long enough and has become irksome enough to demand official action.

I understand that GMs are bound to strictly adhere and work within the confines of the ToS and GM Guidelines. However this ploy that Cappie is allowed to continue is a matter of server hygiene, and the player-base of Fenrir is becoming annoyed with the perpetual scam Cappie is allowed to employ.

I am making this petition in the hopes that a power above the GMs can come to an official and final judgement in this matter and end it, as the community of Fenrir is fed up with the scam of this player. This is not a plea to change the rules that govern players, but a means to bring forth official action against a long standing problem player that continues to bring down the overall morale of Fenrir.

Thank you for your time.