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    Quest:Face of the Future WoTG

    For the quest Face of the Future WoTG

    I am unable to get Orcish infiltration kit in order to continue the quest.

    I've completed the prior quest Chasing Shadows which I see completed in my completed Quest Log.


    This quest is started automatically after completing Chasing Shadows.
    Zone into Jugner Forest for a cutscene.
    Examine the Metalic Hodgepodge in Jugner Forest at (G-9) for a cutscene.
    Zone into Ghelsba Outpost for a cutscene to receive the key item Orcish infiltration kit needed to enter the BC.
    Extra Orcish infiltration kits are available from Clandestine Marking at Ghelsba Outpost (I-10).
    Examine the Scrape Mark in Yughott Grotto at (G-9) for a cutscene.
    Examine the Scrape Mark again to enter the BC.
    You will lose XP should you die in this BC.
    Your opponents in this BC are a Fangmonger Colossus and 6 Tombstones, all statue type mobs.
    The Colossus and Tombstones use the weaponskills Seismostomp which does damage and Numbing Glare which is a conal paralysis move. They all have very slow movement speed and can be easily kited.
    At the start of the battle, you will be assisted by Excenmille and Maxcimille. Part way though the battle, Bostillette will join the fray.
    Kiting the statues while keeping the NPCs cured is a very easy way to win this battle, it has been won with three, two, and even one character in this manner.
    Examine the Cavernous Maw in Batallia Downs at (H-5) for a cutscene and to receive your reward.

    I'm not sure if the Cutscene even activated, its been so long. Last year I reported that the NM from the Previous quest would not spawn, now this quest is broken, will I ever get to complete WoTG?

    Please help

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    Quest:Face of the Future WoTG Bugged the ??? Does not give Key item
    Platform: Windows

    ISP: Rogers

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    Internet Speed: 50mbps

    Date and Time: 7/01/2014 12:00AM Pacific time

    Frequency: 100%

    Name: Dragoonkain

    Race: Hume M

    World: Cerberus

    Main Job: Dragoon

    Support Job: White Mage

    Area / Coordinates:

    Party or Solo: Solo

    NPC Name: None

    Monster Name: None

    1. Examine the Metalic Hodgepodge in Jugner Forest at (G-9). No Key item was gotten. (I dont recall a C/S occurring when I zoned from Batallia Downs to Jugner)
    2. Quest Active - Face of the Future active