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    Giving us our own native +Haste or +Attack ability would be a step in the right direction. The other 2handed jobs have at least one of those but we must rely on a sub to get it and most 2handed jobs sub either WAR or SAM and have both a haste ability and an attack ability(WAR/SAM=Berserk+Hasso, SAM/WAR=Berserk+Hasso, DRK/SAM=Last Resort+Hasso, DRG/SAM=Just hasso, DRG/WAR=Just Berserk). It sucks that our only ability which grants a boost in attack speed is Spirit Surge(1min duration; 60min recast) when a Dark Knight gets the same Attack Speed boost from Last Resort(3minute duration, 5minute recast). A miniature version of Spirit Surge that boosts Attack and Attack Speed that we can use every 5 minutes with a 3 minute duration would drastically help DRG stay in the game. We've lacked 'Attack' for a long time and coupled with the fact that Drakesbane has an attack penalty with no Berserk or Warcry to back it up, its damage is miniscule even with Ryunohige compared to other weaponskills.

    In short give us a stance JA already, we have 0 self buffing abilities, when our Wyverns die we're useless and wyverns die when the Dragoon dies. When a SAM dies, in 3-5minutes they're back to full power when weakness wears off. When a DRG dies, they're not at full strength for up to 20 minutes! If a DRG's wyvern dies(or if the Dragoon itself is killed) in the first few minutes of a battlefield, the DRG's effectiveness is DRAMATICALLY reduced for the entire duration of the event. No berserk to fall back on, no useful abilities to fall back on, just a polearm using job with a few accuacy bonuses and half-baked Jumps that deal mediocre damage and give roughly the same TP as a regular attack, compared to other melees which are pumping out 8k weapon skills with their Overwhelm/Berserk/Restraint/Souleater/Last Resort/Warrior's Charge/Blood Rage/Impetus/Boost/Warcry/Hagakure.

    One of the things DRG has been pining for a decade is a job ability boost to our attack power or JA Haste that isn't our SP ability to call our own.
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