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SE have already said that they don't want the game to be played by mindless DDs that run in and do as much damage as they can until they die because the tanks can't hold hate. They are trying to include some sort of strategy in this game. As such, a fix where hate at least only bounces when the tank takes damage, is better than it is now where the tank only has hate immediately after hitting the mob or doing some sort of action to get hate.

As it is now, you have 3 options:

1) use a tank and create a strategy that allows your tank to hold hate, by having the DDs turn or drop back occasionally, use SCH SP and/or THFs to control hate from other DDs.

2) use a tank but have it there only to keep the mob occupied when all the DDs die and wait for unweaken due to them getting too much hate.

3) don't bother with a tank at all because your DDs are going to have hate most of the time anyway.
Random bouncing isn't a fix. There is still no enmity control it's just going willy nilly. Just with potential larger gaps between the bounces though that is somewhat dependent on how fast you can get an actual in after taking dmg. There is no strategy in that. It's barely a bandaid. Sure it might be "better" than it is now. But if you are going to bother fix something why half ass it and still leave it mostly broken?

The whole enmity system needs an overhaul. It was based on level 75 mobs and mob growth that is totally out of whack with todays mobs. You shouldn't automatically cap enmity after doing 1% dmg to a mob. A simple overhaul of the dmg enmity formulas to make them more like the dmg taken enmity loss formulas would accomplish this. There would be strategy and enmity gearing. A tank could conceivable keep hate off of DDs if he was good enough and kept on it and geared for it etc. And if your tank sucked it wont and your DDs will eat it. Kinda like back before we were constantly capped for those who remember using tanks on old mobs back in the day