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i hate to rain on your fiesta, but you losing your buffs to a dispel and instantly being able to recast them (50% fast cast on rdm is trivial to get, and 80 is only slightly hard) vrs say a drk who just poped all his ja's isnt even in the same realm of bad news, i mean that drk is pretty much useless for the next 5 mins >.>; well excluding stun but dmg wize, above average or better thf will be schooling him. Only traits that help attack speed are DW, but that actually comes with a price. I do agree tho, se needs to limit these full dispels to like a monsters panic button. I do find it funny you went after blus job traits over its buffs tho, which also suck to lose, and we have to generally juggle 4 sometimes more (haste, refresh, coccon, meditation), and unlike rdm, blu keeping its buffs up becomes a huge mana issue if dispel keeps flying.
That's how I feel too. This is more of an issue of SE going over-board with some of their NM abilities. This isn't something unique to Red Mages.