with thf the problem is the tanks frequently can't hold hate long enough for us to get SATA>>WS off to land it on the tanks, and when we can they are already at enmity cap, as is the rest of the party in battles long enough to require enmity control. So I do welcome any change. but if it is going to be position dependent then I think the same problems will apply that we have now with TA. So I think an option is to do like you already have with Accomplice and the pld ability cover, let us designate the player via a choice, not a position before the ability is used (yes, I know cover does require positioning for it to work, but it doesn't require it to designate who you are covering). That way even if the mob moves we can get the result where we wanted it to go. After all, the mob moving is not a result of bad thf play, we have no options, the moving mob is the result of bad coordination of the party with the thief. So remove that element like you have done (to an extent) with bard when you gave us pianissimo. and give tank jobs a higher enmity cap so we can still shift hate when the DD refuse to tone it down enough for tanking strats to work.