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    Quote Originally Posted by Malithar View Post
    for lower recast on Curagas
    And don't forget Erase... holy crap, erase recast >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blah View Post
    Or stop being a jerk about how others choose to play....geez. You don't want to, you don't have to, after all if you would rather carry potions instead to free up song space by all means but for people who at least want to go for it to see if it works, go for it
    If you are going to post on the forums, you need to have a thicker skin. No one has been rude to you in anyway. People have just pointed out the fallacies in your arguments.

    If you want to have the songs just for the sake of completion, that is fine. But do not try to spin this in any other way. Singing any of those other songs over the normal ballad, matches, etc. will always be less effective. Those songs really are useless, especially when you factor job that you will likely be with a Mage who can cast the spell versions. You also aren't listening to the people who have explained to you that those songs won't help with resistance anyway. You're going to need Na spells or meds either way.

    No one is telling you how to play. They are just telling you that it is not the best/ most efficient way.

    As others have said, Carols can be situationally useful and I am not including them with the status songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malithar View Post
    Or don't be cheap and carry 800 gil Echo Drops, and keep getting your 3x Ballads rather than 1 Ballad and two songs that will more than likely not help you resist the effect.
    please stop talking logically. Also, if anyone's gonna do baraera, it should be the whm... sub job baraera is gimp

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