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    Fish... and where to get them

    Can we get an SE released list of all fish and where they can be caught and with what? I am a 110 Fisher with moglification fishing and the majority of the key items from the fishing guild, as well as waders and an Ebisu. I have spent a great deal of time and gil on raising my fishing ranks. So you know I'm not level 5 fishing talking about this. I have run to countless points in Vanadiel to fish.

    There is no way to tell what fish you can/cannot fish in a certain area, except for 'guides' on the various websites. Especially in Adoulin areas there is next to no information about it. There is next to no in-game text about it. There is a giant clam that can be fished up in Yahse Hunting Grounds. How many people know this? I'm willing to bet not a lot of people do. Similar situations of this level of obscurity are commonplace in FFXI. It should not be the case. Sure I can go out and waste bait after bait after bait attempting to fish up something that may not even bite there. This approach is just SILLY.

    There is the problem as I see it. Now, proposed solutions.
    There needs to be a Fish Database IN GAME. Something like this perhaps:
    NPC > Fish Researcher, Fish Monger, Fish Cataloger.
    We already have something like this with the guild point person, but they do not even tell you where you might FIND the fish they want.

    You talk to the above named NPC and choose ask about fish. They give you a menu of all the fish you can catch for your rank. When you select the fish you would like to catch, for instance moat carps, they would give you a menu of all the places where you could catch moat carps and the bait/rod which would give the best results.

    Interactions would go something like this for someone with level 8 fishing skill:
    Click on Fish Cataloger He says something like, which fish do you want to know about?
    Gives list of Pahnuat Newt, Cobalt Jellyfish, Denizanasi, Crayfish, Bastore Sardine, Hamsi. You choose Crayfish.
    He takes you to the menu about crayfish and tells you of the places they can be caught and rods/bait they prefer most. In the instance like crayfish where there are many places to fish them, they could either name the lowest level (zone wise) to get them or 5 of them. Could also been done with rod/bait.
    Or, ask about which fish can be found in each zone with what bait.
    Or, as you rank up in the fishing guild you are given Fishing Manuals, which you can open and read about where each kind of fish can be found and what it's favorite kinds of bait are.

    Just one of those quality of life adjustments for fishers that could have a lot of rich Fishing Lore surrounding it.
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