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    Now that we got our new toy there's the tedious task of getting past another over powered tarutaru to start it. As I under stand it the goal is to take it slow and steady and widdle him down with lunge and swipe, while keeping your hp out of the red.

    Between the occasional 100+ dmg, 500+ ws and, 500~ 1k lunge. My only problem is keeping hp above 1300. I think he'll use a specific sword weapon skill @ ~ cirtain hp. The only time Ive seen savage blade and chant du cygne was when his hp got down to a certain point. Unless flash/foil causes him to miss, they hurt.. If you're keeping track of the lunge timer it's hard to avoid alot of damage when one follows right after the other.

    The only weapon skill I've seen do any decent damage was spinning slash and lunge can do 2k when all the runes are the same after his lunge. Ive read paralyze does little to him via icespikes and weapon skill. He doesnt seem to have any dual weild bonous, but shock spikes seem to stunn him quite regularly and that does slow him down alot. On the otherhand he parrys more when acc is not a problem.

    I'm thinking gear might be the problem. I'm using 119 af head, 3 delve 119 (two acc+ 1 atk+eva), 109 relic and, AA great sword. A JSE cape, two darkrings for (total) -8 mdt/pdt, twilight neck, flume belt and earing to convert dmg to mp, Apart from spaming flash, spikes, foil, refresh, regen IV, phalanx. His melee damage hits a bit hard. By the looks of midigating the physical damage. I may need to take time to farm up the gill to buy the mats for the 119 relic upgrade and maybe invest into an Aettir. Then more airlixers for hands and feet rank.

    The best I did looked looked like he was around to be ~20% while using tavnazian taco as food. Every time I do die it's usualy because of a back to back ws/lunge or simply unable to recover alot of hp. (can only hold 1 vile elixer and +1). I'm thinking I'll need a stack or two, or three of potions that won't medicate me and will be fast enough to spam some hp to get me back from 67 hp, when he looks to be around 1/4 remaining. I actually tried to run away and discovered his lunge has range on it despite doing 0 dmg.

    His runes are not randomly based on the current/past/next day, but they are random. The idea is to use the oposite ones that he is using to offset his magic dmg and lunge.

    If anyone has gotten to this point, what have you found out and what were you doing/using if you got past this obsticle?


    Using a single sword may be possible, however there are few swords that rune can use that'll make the cut when it comes to acc and damage. At best I've been timing out with using a sword for sanguine blade.

    After heavily investing into upgrading Rune's relic body to 119 and getting an Aettir made, I finally was just able to win in under a minute left (no elixers). Aparantly unless I had access to a Defending ring, the damage reduction from Aettir and boost to lunge/swipe actualy made it easier to maintain hp with regen & vivacious pulse. The fight will not end untill his hp raches "0" unlike in the limmit break quests. However flash, stoneskin, phalanx, bar 1 element (4th resistance) , bar blind, feint and regen iV were the only real drain on mp. Overall, the fight needs to have as much def and damage reduction as possible dps is not important as macroing a mab set for swipe and lunge, or dmg/acc for weapon skills. Spinning slash does seem to always give more damage more frequently than resolution while resolution will rarely miss all hits. Probably from the str/int modifyer vs run's str rating/merrit value. Also if possible try not to spend to much time buffing before hand and bring an ether/elixer or yag drink to use at the start

    Lunge and swipe are the main forms of heavy damage. So expect to spam swipe when ever possible. He'll take more damage if its an element he's not buffed against or stronger to the ones hes using.

    Ex: Taru's last rune used was water, you swipe with lightning> re aply rune.
    Ex2: Taru used fire>dark>wind(last) runes, you used water(first)>light>Ice (last) swipe with ice >wind, but get a ice resist from fire. Instead use a rune that he has no buff against like thunder; use barfire> thunder rune> swipe > water rune> baraero (optional).

    Only use Lunge after he does to get the full elemental damage (or at very start with all the same rune). Always use a bar spell that matches the first rune he uses in a set. That'll give you some defence if you need to swap runes for a swipe. I've been using bar sleep/blind on the off chance he decides to use a dark rune.

    Either way, once he's dead talk to Octavien a couple times for dialog on your win. Then head over to the Inventors coalition and talk to the hume by the crate at the entrance. After the cs you'll get your stage 1 sword. Equip it and head back to the mithra in East Adoulin to start the next stage. Sh'ell then ask for 200x ghastly stones any 1 (relic 119 upgrade) item from the first three delve bosses, 500x H-P bayld to continue. Only problem now is how to hold, farm and trade all of it?
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