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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekoda View Post
    It's a bit, I wouldn't say an "extreme amount," though. 236 pieces, I believe (100 pieces of reforged AF, 100 pieces of reforged relics, 20 Mythic weapons, 16 Relic weapons.) If you count each variation, however, there's 688 (two different reforged AFs is 200, two different reforged relics is 200, levels 80/85/90/95/99/99 Afterglow/119/119 Afterglow for each Mythic/Relic weapon is 288 total between the two.) That's a lot, but I'd assume once they scale one that it wouldn't be that difficult to scale the other variation(s). It probably would have been a lot easier to do this if they had just tacked it on as they made these higher level versions when they were in development before releasing them.

    I'm not asking them to devote all their resources to it, but progressive fixes to this to ensure they function correctly would be awesome.
    They are functioning correctly, though. Or rather, as SE would call it, "working as intended.

    RME and relic/mythic gear isn't the only gear with special stats that don't scale below their levels. With these items, there is really an immense number of items. This isn't a RME issue, but an issue for the entire level sync system, and it has been so since it was implemented.

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    Maybe you misunderstood what I'm asking, you seem to think I'm grouping every piece of equipment in this. I'm only pointing out newer equipment we have that was upgraded from older equipment, for example, I would just want my 99 Gjallarhorn to be set to revert to its 75 equivalent stats(CHR+10/Singing Skill+10/Wind Instrument Skill+10/All Songs +2) under a level 75 sync/cap. I'm not saying everything should scale, like asking for everything on Buranmenk'ah to scale on a level 60 cap or for carefully thought out level 75 equivalents of AF3 gear would be completely ridiculous.

    I guess it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly when, let's say I solo the BCNM Up In Arms (60 cap) on SCH regularly when I get enough Beastmen's Seals. I go in to do it and notice "oh, I can't use my Scholar's Mortarboard anymore, I upgraded it to an Academic's Mortarboard", and I either have to go redo the quest for another Scholar's Mortarboard, or substitute it with another piece for next time. That just doesn't seem right to me, if I already got Scholar's Mortarboard once, I should be able to equip my Academic's Mortarboard and it should be set to revert to Scholar's Mortarboard's effects under the cap(or when I'm synced on a level from 60-98.)
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