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    Trust Adjustment Ideas

    Already existing Trust Magic currently lacks a bit of work. Hopefully a few of you will agree, but when it comes right down to it. I don't really like the idea of having to make a macro to summon the three Trusts I use the most just to dismiss them because they have no means of MP sustainment aside from the Paladins.

    Also on that note of needing to resummon them etc. to refill their MP, maybe every single Mage Alter Ego just needs this Auto Refresh adjustment.... Sometimes they burn through their MP too quickly that you have 2~3min left on their cooldown to dismiss/resummon.

    Would it be a bit much to atleast grant Trusts who idle by 1~3 Auto Refresh(varying by level summoned)? I mean, it's great having Shantotto and all, but when she burns that MP, she just stands around looking like a statue. Like-wise for Cherukiki.
    Example: Auto Refresh III
    Lv.01~33[Auto Refresh, 1/tic]
    Lv.34~66[Auto Refresh II, 2/tic]
    Lv.67~99[Auto Refresh III, 3/tic]

    Also was a shame to learn that Valaineral R Davilles lost his ability to buff himself with Protect and Shell, let alone his Auto Enlight. Can also treat an NPCs unique Auto Enspells with such a manner as the Auto Refresh mechanic for Mage Trusts.
    Example: Auto Enlight 1~35 min/max
    Lv.01~15[Auto Enlight damage 1~5]
    Lv.16~30[Auto Enlight damage 6~10]
    Lv.31~45[Auto Enlight damage 11~15]
    Lv.46~60[Auto Enlight damage 16~20]
    Lv.61~75[Auto Enlight damage 21~25]
    Lv.76~90[Auto Enlight damage 26~30]
    Lv.91~99[Auto Enlight damage 31~35] - This might be pushing too far in the very end, but I'm sure you'd make adjustments to this anyways, was only an example.

    In alternate to the chart given for Valaineral or any other Trust that originated with an Auto Enspell, iLv can come into play to push the max damage from it to be over 20~25 damage then.

    If anybody else has ideas that Trusts need work on, lets try to put them all into this thread and maybe get some feedback from the Devs/other players about it all.

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    I just heard that Luzaf doesn't use Phantom Roll. I find that very disappointing. Please allow him to use Phantom Rolls right away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetidealism View Post
    I just heard that Luzaf doesn't use Phantom Roll. I find that very disappointing. Please allow him to use Phantom Rolls right away.
    Yeah this is really sucky. If I had known I would not have wasted points on him. I really didn't need another crappy DD trust