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    Likely won't get a reply to it on here, but may as well try.

    About me in game:
    I am a very experienced and long term FFXI player who has played the game for about 6 1/2 years. I left the game just before SoA was released. I started over from scratch due to several reasons, the main one being a friend wanting to play as well.

    Our situation right now:
    Basically, we both do not have anything useful yet, we aren't even close to 99 yet on any of the jobs. I do have knowledge of all content pre-SoA, and grinding through missions and getting access to things and getting caught up in gear will not be a problem, aside from maybe a few Voidwatch bosses or a few single fights in other areas(such as the final limit break). Again, there will be no need to explain anything, we just may need help at one point or another. Obviously willing to help once we are in the position to as well.

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for a friendly, not neccessarily hardcore linkshell that doesn't mind helping out and being helped out. EST/PST time is a plus. Just to clarify again, we are not high level and caught up in gear yet, but will be soon enough. After all that hassle is done, we are looking to get into SoA content. So basically, we are looking for a friendly linkshell that does everything. If anyone knows a linkshell of that kind or even has one, I'd be thankful for a reply in this thread or a /tell in game, character name found to the left. Thanks.

    Edit: We do like talking as well, so if you have a Teamspeak server, we will be more than happy to join that as well. And in case your linkshell doesn't have a semi-decent site yet and would like one, I'm not the worst when it comes to that and would be glad to help out.
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