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    Trust in the Pankration AI?

    I love bard. Both in concept and in practice, and my Pankration Celestial Whisper a Roc reflects that. There is a problem, however. The AI for Pankration simply suck at playing bard. 3-4 attack rounds Foe Requiem II, 3-4 attack rounds Foe requiem II, etc. She does the same for Paeon and other songs. The AI treats the songs as BLM nukes or WHM cures when BRD songs simply does not work that way. Songs don't stack, and treating them that way makes it fairly frustrating to watch.

    This got me to thinking, as Ulmia has entered the fray as one of the selectable Trust members. Ulmia is a bard. In general her AI does not treat bard song's as nukes or healing spells. Clearly bard AI is feasible to write, and clearly the groundwork is already laid out. So why not use that work already done to fix bard AI for Pankration? It would be nice to pick a bard monster without feeling as if it were a weak link due to something as silly as bad AI. Thank you for your time.

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    Pankration needs updates in general, they should just let iwagami take over pankration since they made monstrosity fun.
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